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Interpersonal Communication Track

Students in the Interpersonal Communication track are generally attracted to it for the solid preparation it provides for graduate school. This track provides students with a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the ways in which verbal and nonverbal communication are used in defining, negotiating, and modifying relationships. This track also increases students' awareness of both the many types of, and the myriad influences on, interpersonal relationships. A thorough, systematic examination of relevant theory and research regarding interpersonal communication is provided. Students who select this track as pre-graduate study preparation will find themselves with an excellent foundation upon which to begin careers in the academic community, such as professor, researcher, or administrator. Those choosing this track as an end in itself will be well prepared for positions in the business sector such as recruiters and trainers.

Major Requirements:

Prerequisites (6 hours)

  • SPC 103 Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • SPC 105 Public speaking

Core Requirements (12 hours)

  • SPC 200 Advanced Public Speaking
  • SPC 329 Research Methods
  • SPC 330 Communication Theory
  • SPC 424 Senior Project in Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication Track (15 hours required / 9 hours elective)


  • SPC 201 Sm all Group Communic ation
  • SPC 323 Interperson al Communic ation Theory & Applic ations
  • SPC 421 Computer-Medi ated Communic ation
  • SPC 422 F amily Communic ation
  • SPC 434 Nonverb al Communic ation

Recommended electives:

  • SPC 203 Intro to Org aniz ation al Communic ation
  • SPC 210 Interr aci al Communic ation
  • SPC 305 L istening
  • SPC 311 Intercultur al Communic ation
  • SPC 331 Gender & Communic ation
  • SPC 370 He alth Communic ation
  • SPC 423 Honesty & Deception in Communic ation Rel ationships
  • SPC 430 Persu asion and Soci al Influence
  • SPC 433 L angu age and Speech Communic ation

Important Information for Interpersonal Communication Students




SPC 421 & 422

SPC 330

SPC 424

SPC 201, 323, 329, 330, 421, 422, & 434. SPC 200 can be taken concurrently

  • SPC 424 is ONLY offered in the spring

  • SPC 323 is offered in the spring, so it ideally should be taken during the student's second or third year

  • A grade of "C" or higher is required in SPC 329 and SPC 330 before the student is allowed to enroll in SPC 424 Senior project

  • Students who are enrolling in SPC 329 or SPC 330 in Fall 2012 or later will be required to abide by the "C" requirement

Suggested Course Schedule for Interpersonal Communication Track

FYI: Student MUST take SPC 103 & SPC 105 BEFORE declaring Speech Major



Junior Year SPC 329 (core requirement) SPC 200 (core requirement)
SPC 330 (core requirement) SPC 323
Minor IS Course
Minor Minor
SPC Elective Minor/SPC Elective

Senior Year SPC 421 SPC 434
SPC 422 SPC 424 (core requirement)
SPC 201 Minor
SPC Elective/Minor Minor
SPC Elective SPC Elective


  • In this rotation, we are assuming that General Education requirements are completed during your Freshman & Sophomore years.
  • Prerequisites: Don't get caught off guard. Some Interpersonal Communication courses are offered only once a year. YOU are responsible for taking the prerequisites the first time they are offered so you may register for other required courses.

You must complete an acceptable minor area of study (check with minor program for credit hours required) and a total of 124 credit hours to graduate.

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