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Our department is proud of our senior assignment for general sociology majors.  In the senior assignment, students complete a written research paper and orally present the paper in a poster board session at the end of their 495 class.  It's an exciting time for students who have worked for an entire year on a project.  Further, our students have done some creative and ambitious research projects.  One student completed a content analysis, asking whether African American women are presented differently in magazines directed towards a White versus Black audience.   Another student completed a quasi-experiment, showings some students a picture of a White person shoplifting and some students a picture of a Black person shoplifting, to see if interpretations of what was happening differed by race of person in the photo.
Our students have found the senior assignment enriching and challenging.

Students are assigned a faculty mentor to help them complete their final project and all the faculty are involved in grading the oral presentations.

The sequence of courses is as follows: students take Sociology 493 after completion of all their required courses except 303.  By 495 (Senior Seminar), however, all required courses and most of the 18 hour sociology electives must be complete. The Senior Seminar courses are offered each spring term, and often also in the fall. A grade of C or better in required courses, including the two senior assignment classes is required for graduation.

Please note that all required courses are to be taken before 495 and all but statistics should be complete for 493. Students should declare a sociology major no later than fall term of the junior year, in order to graduate in four years. In their last three semesters, students must take Sociology 301 and 302 then Sociology 493 and 303 and finally 495.   Sociology 493 cannot be taken until 301 and 302 are passed with Cs or better and Sociology 495 cannot be taken without passing 303 and 493 with a C or better.  Ideally, Sociology 111 should be completed as early as possible and before taking any of these courses, but in all cases it must be completed before the senior assignment seminar (Soc 495), as must all other requirements.

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