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Questions to Ask on Interview


1) Approaches and questions to ask when requesting an interview:

Hello, who may I talk to about doing an internship in your organization? Hello, I am a senior at SIUE majoring in the applied sociology concentration in Employment Relations or Diversity and Social Justice, and a requirement of the program is to do an internship in an organization like yours. An internship is a mutually beneficial arrangement where a student intern is there to help you out and make a contribution to your organization while at the same time getting the experience and skills that will help meet their educational and career goals. I am really interested in your organization (I also have work-related experience in.....) is it possible to arrange an appointment for an interview?

2) Questions to ask in an interview for an internship.

Can you tell me what I will be doing in my internship?- specific tasks, projects or role you will play.
Will I have exposure to a variety of tasks, jobs or experiences- how might this be scheduled over time?
Will I be expected to do a certain amount of routine, repetitive or clerical tasks- if so how much?
Will I be given a certain amount of responsibility and discretion to get things done?
Who will be supervising my internship most of the time? Will this person have time to show me the ropes, answer questions and guide my learning?
What is the likelihood that there are possible future job opportunities in this organization?
Do you need any other information from my advisor?

3) Questions to ask in an interview for a job.

What does this job entail?- specific role(s) I will play, tasks, projects I will be expected to work on.
What are the expectations for doing a good job?
How does my role and the things I will be expected to do fit into the purpose and operations of the organization?
Who will I be working with and in what capacity?
Will I have opportunities to grow and learn? In what specific ways?
Are there opportunities for mobility?
How will I be evaluated, what will be the criteria, how often will it occur and who will evaluate me?
How will my job performance be communicated to me?
What is the compensation, benefits, expected hours?


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