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Role of Networking

Networking is an important internship or job search strategy focused on developing as many personal contacts and relationships that you can which potentially may lead to the position of your choice. Since most job related opportunities are not widely publicized through formal channels such as job postings or newspapers, it is the informal sources of information and assistance that are most effective. The strategy involves building a series of relationships and social connections by talking to as many people as you know who might be in a position to know about such opportunities, or more likely, to who know others who may help---- it is still word of mouth and who you know that remains central to the process. That is why the internship has been such a successful vehicle in a job search- employers are far more comfortable hiring those they already know personally or through some personal relationship. Such contacts and connections might be developed by recognizing almost any social situation as an opportunity to let others know what your career goals are, arranging informational interviews, meeting for coffee or lunch and participating in or simply attending professional meetings or seminars where networking opportunities are likely to arise.
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