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DSJ Required Classes

We require three classes in the DSJ program. These are:
* Sociology 325 (Community Action -- only offered in Fall)
* Sociology 411 (Social Movements-- only offered in Fall)
* Sociology 433 (Internship Class-- only offered in Spring)

DSJ Elective Classes -- Consider taking related classes outside and inside the sociology department

Criminal Justice
CJ 366 – Race and Gender in CJ

Educational Leadership
EPFR 320 - Foundations of Education in a Multicultural

English and Literature
English 478 – Studies in Women, Language, and
Literature (Same as Women’s Studies 478)

Historical Studies
HIST 130 History of Black America
HIST 455 - Women and Gender in Islamic History
HIST 442 - The Black Urban Experience

Interdisciplinary Studies
IS 399 – Gender, Ethnicity, Development and Conflict

PHIL 345 – Women, Knowledge, and Reality
PHIL 344 – Women and Values
PHIL 346 – Feminist Theory
PHIL 347 Philosophy of Race
PHIL 334 World Religions

Political Science
POLS 440 – African American Politics
POLS 441 – Women and Politics in America
POLS 354 – Women and Cross-National Politics
POLS 449 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the US

PSYC 305 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 407 Multi-Cultural Issues in Psychology

Social Work
SOCW Diversity and Issues of Social and Economic Justice

SOC 300 Social Problems
SOC 304 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 308 Gender and Society
SOC 309 Sociology of Inequality
SOC 310 Sociological Studies of Sexualities and Society
SOC 335 Urban Sociology
SOC 394 Sociology of the Black Family

THEA 312 Multi-Cultural Theater in America

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