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Crystal Martin

Josh White

My interest in the study of people is what drew me to Sociology. My love of all things business is what drew me to Employment Relations. I love learning the inner workings of organizations and how the people inside of the organization shape a variety of things that make that organization successful. I love using the study of Sociology to interpret the different experiences that I have had in the workplaces in my past.

Sociology has opened my eyes so that I question why things are like they are in our everyday experiences. I have learned that you really must observe your surroundings because that’s how you learn. Every professor that I have been fortunate enough to have in these four years has given me knowledge that I can carry with me into the future.

For my exit requirement, I am currently involved in my internship. I am working with an agency that helps people with disabilities live independently. Sociology has been useful in helping me understand how it is that people help others live out the dreams that many of us take for granted.

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