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     Husna Ibrahim


What I love most about my sociology experience is that it is empowering and it is absolutely a form of self-healing. I can actively work on trying to change the toxic and damaging narratives that society teaches about identities like race, class and gender. Being enough does not come from reaching the impossible standards of respectability politics. To say it plainly: I exist as I am. I matter. That is enough.

I came to sociology because I remember a friend of mine in undergrad talking about all the things she was learning in her classes about race, class, gender and society. I didn’t know that classes in undergrad could connect to the real world and current societal issues. I did some research into sociology and changed my major shortly after. When I graduated with my B.A. in sociology I knew I was not done learning so I decided to continue and work towards my M.A. in sociology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

I love that I can read about and discuss topics and identities like race, class, gender, sexuality, religion and disabilities. These identities were just things that I always thought about as natural and normal. Now I know that society constructs ideas, laws and rules around different identities. The relationship between theory and real life exists. I love that through my study of sociology my human experience is validated and acknowledged. That systems of racism, meritocracy and other forms of oppression are rightfully criticized and challenged. The power of knowing that these systems are not normal or natural completely changed my life and the way I think about myself and everyone around me.

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