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  Maurice Davis


In high school, I took my first Sociology class and instantly fell in love. I have since come to realize that Sociologists are the closest things to superheroes in this world. They challenge one another, but also larger societal institutions on issues such as racism, addiction, and poverty that impact communities like mine. They might not have superhuman abilities, but they are by no means powerless.

Sociologists’ powers glean from their abilities to mobilize, advocate, and inform. As a recently recruited superhero (I mean Sociologist) I’m able to not only get involved in the community but also be aware of what my role needs to be, use my agency to help others have agency of their own, and do work for people and with people that helps to reaffirm my faith in humanity. 

While I enjoy most areas of Sociology, I love to study race and sexuality. Studying these areas more in-depth has almost been therapeutic as I’ve been more thoroughly able to understand and define my intersecting identities as a queer identified African American male. My knowledge of intersectionality also allows me to help those that identify similarly to me and educate those that do not. In this research, I find passion, hope, and resilience; all things that continuously make these topics fresh and exciting.

What I loved most about my Sociology experience at SIUE in particular was the support that I received from the faculty. The department was like a family and I’m thankful to be a product of such a wonderful group of people who were so giving of their time and knowledge. It’s this same spirit and wisdom I try to impart in my work in higher education to impact educational processes, settings, and policies to create a more equitable experience for both students, staff, and faculty.

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