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Do you want to make the rules or follow the rules? In Sociology at SIUE, we help students become rule-breakers and rule-makers in the working world and beyond.  Our graduates move into jobs they feel passionate about.  They become music producers, environmentalists, activists, recruiters, researchers, PhD students, teachers, and human resource managers.  As you can see, the careers our students pursue are as diverse as our students.  That’s how we like it.   Our job is not to mold you into what we’d like you to be, but to help you become what you love.

Employers want graduates who can communicate openly, think creatively and interact easily with diverse groups of people.   In Sociology at SIUE, we work with you to gain the necessary skills to find the job that will excite you now and into the future. Here are just some of the things you’ll develop in your classes:  problem-solving, critical thinking, research skills, leadership, and conflict resolution.  You’ll also learn how to work well under pressure and in diverse environments.To give you the skills you’ll need in the workforce, we offer three options within the sociology major- a general sociology major and specializations in Employment Relations and Diversity and Social Justice. The Employment Relations (ER) specialization emphasizes “hands-on” experience in the workplace through internships in the employment setting.  Diveristy and Social Justice students learn about social movements and non-profit organizations and also participate in an internship.  Like General Sociology,  both specializations provide students the skills they need to get the jobs they want.

Surf around the site!  You can find information about our programs, courses, faculty, and career possibilities.  And keep up with current events at what’s happening in the Sociology program by joining our department Facebook page, Sociology at SIUE.

Our students have developed a strong community of like-minded friends in the Sociology Club.  Check out what they’re doing on their Facebook page: SIUE Sociology Club.

The faculty members in our department are well known in the University for our warmth, passion and dedication to our students.   Thanks for giving us the opportunity for showing you why.

From a fellow rule-breaker and maker,             

Linda Markowitz, PhD
Professor, Sociology

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