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14th Annual SIUE Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Frequently Asked Questions by Conference Participants

About our Annual Conference

Past Keynotes

Past Conferences

14th Annual SIUE Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2019

This year's Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. is underway. Conference will take place on October 25th and 26th. 
For more information, contact the event coordinator, Dr. Judith Crane, at

Keynote Speaker: Shelley Park from the University of Central Florida

Dr. Shelley Park 14th UPC

Keynote Speech: From Helicopter Moms to Smart(er) Homes:  Technological Fantasies of Care and Control

Abstract:  As part of a larger project exploring the ways in which technology transforms the practices, embodiments and understandings of care in the 21st century, this presentation engages in a close reading of three artifacts:  1) depictions of "the helicopter mother"; 2) the Disney movie, Smart House; and 3) a Time magazine spread on smart home technologies.  My readings of these artifacts reveals how we have technologized femininity and feminized technology with different results.  The "helicopter mom" fuses technology with femininity to tell a (racialized) story about caring mothers as controlling.  Smart home technologies, in contrast, fuse femininity with technology to market (racialized) systems of control as caring.  Disney's Smart House resolves the apparent tension between these two depictions of technology and femininity by drawing our attention to who gives and receives care and, related to this, who designs, controls and uses technologies of care.  When we read for such details, today's technological fantasies of care and control reveal gendered and racialized fears and desires that are both old and new.

Event Program

14th UPC Program


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Frequently Asked Questions for Conference Participants

What are the times for the conference?

The conference will begin on Friday, October 25th and end on Saturday, October 26th. Dr. Park's keynote address will begin at 4:00pm on Friday, October 25th. See the full program above for other presentations.

Does the conference provide any funding?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough funds to cover travel or living costs for participants. 

We do provide rides from the hotel to the SIUE campus and back (and the beginning and end of the day). There is a free shuttle from the hotel to the airport that you can arrange in accordance with your flight.

The conference will also provide light snacks throughout the conference, breakfast at the conference site on Saturday, and Friday night dinner for all conference presenters.

Can I bring people along to the conference?

Most definitely! We have no registration fees at the conference and the conference is OPEN TO ALL who are interested in Philosophy.

Can I bring people along to Friday night’s dinner?

Currently, we do not have enough funds available to provide dinner for people other than the presenters at the conference.

Which airport do I buy my tickets for?

STL- St Louis Lambert International Airport

Which hotel should I stay at?

We are securing a block of rooms that participants will be able to make use of. More information on this will come later. You will be booking and paying for your own hotel. If you wish to split costs, you can setup roommate requests once the conference schedule is finalized. 

What about parking?

Let us know if you will have your own car. We will provide you with parking access codes for Friday. Saturday parking will be free. Passes will be for Parking Lot B. For a map of SIUE parking, please click here.

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About our Annual Conference

Annually, the Department of Philosophy and in conjunction with the Lyceum (the Student Philosophy Club), host a colloquium for undergraduate students to share in philosophical dialogue at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. A general call for papers is circulated inviting students to submit papers they have written on any topic of philosophical interest for presentation. In conjunction with the conference proceedings, a distinguished scholar is invited to deliver a keynote address and to personally interact with conference participants about their research and interests in philosophy. The conference promotes pluralism, collegiality, and philosophically complex thinking.

The Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE is an entirely student run event. Since its inception, each year the Illinois Pi chapter of Phi Sigma Tau elects a lead organizer of the conference. From 2014 onwards, the new Philosophy student group, The Lyceum has taken the lead in organizing, though all of the members and other volunteers help to organize the conference. They raise funds to support the event; select and invite a keynote speaker; draft and circulate the Call for Papers; anonymously review submissions (with help from faculty); decide upon a final program; make all of the necessary arrangements for the actual conference; and participate in the proceedings. The conference demonstrates what students, in the spirit of philosophical community and scholarly inquiry, can accomplish.

Through the years we have relied on the generosity of well-respected scholars in the field of philosophy. They have come to our campus on our limited budget to help foster a wonderful dialogue in our diverse student community, and for this we are grateful.

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Past Keynotes

Dr. Philip Kitcher (Columbia University)
Dr. George Yancy, (Emory University)
Dr. L.A. Paul (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Dr. Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)
Dr. Lester Hunt (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Dr. Donald Marquis (University of Kansas)
Dr. Eric Brown (Washington University in St. Louis)
Dr. Martin Schwaub (University of California, Irvine)
Dr. Eduardo Mendieta (Stony Brook University)
Dr. Susan Bordo (University of Kentucky)
Dr. Tao Jiang (Rutgers University)
Dr. Sarah Lucia Hoagland (Northeastern Illinois University)

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Past Conferences

12th Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2017)

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10th Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2015)

9th Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2014)

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4th Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2009)

3rd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2008)

2nd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2007)

1st Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at SIUE (2006)

We invite past conference participants to contact us ( and let us know what they are doing. Also, we would be honored if any of our conference past speakers and guests attended our current event; if you are planning on attending, please let us know in advance.

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