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In order to be approved for admission into the Religious Studies Minor program, students must first complete (with a grade of 'C' or above) RA101: Reasoning and Argumentation, or its equivalent, which does not count for credit toward the minor.

Students wishing to declare a Religious Studies Minor should see their Major Advisor and fill out the requisite paperwork.


The successful completion of a Minor in Religious Studies requires 18 Credit Hours.

Required Courses - 9 Credit Hours

PHIL 333: Philosophy of Religion (3 Credit Hours)

PHIL 234: World Religions (3 Credit Hours)

And one of the following:

PHIL 335: Islamic Thought (3 Credit Hours)

PHIL 336: Christian Thought (3 Credit Hours)

PHIL 337 Native American Thought

In addition to the requirements above, you need to complete Elective Courses - 9 Credit Hours

In addition to the required 9 Credit Hours listed above, students are required to take 9 Credit Hours of approved coursework within multiple disciplines. For a complete list of pre-approved courses, please click the following link.

Other courses not on the aforementioned list may be approved by the Religious Studies Advisor

* Note for Philosophy Majors: A maximum of 3 credits earned toward a major in Philosophy may also count toward the RS minor.

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