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Below is a list of course offerings by department that count toward elective credits for the Religious Studies Minor. Please see " Schedules and Classes" for current course offerings.

Anthropology (ANTH)

305-3 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America [Dist.SS, IGR] Examines diversity in social, economic, political and religious aspects of the traditional cultures of selected Native American nations and societies.

306-3 Peoples and Cultures of Asia - [Dist.SS, IC] History, culture and social organization of selected Asian societies examined through films, narratives, artifacts and ethnographies.

307-3 People and Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean - [Dist.SS, IC] Social and cultural aspects of contemporary Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean in historical and environmental context.

308- Religion and Culture -[BHUM, DFAH, EGC, IC] A survey of religious traditions around the world in their cultural contexts, emphasizing indigenous religious traditions.

310-3 People and Culture of Africa - [Dist.SS, IC] Cross-cultural comparisons of African tribes to illustrate general principles of anthropology; relation of tribal backgrounds to contemporary economic and political life.

311-3 Culture of African-Americans - [Dist.SS, IGR] Black family, religion, and political movements within American society. Historical experiences, social institutions and cultural developments of African-Americans, political responses to oppression.

312-3 Contemporary Native Americans - [Dist.SS,IGR] History of unique position within North American society; contemporary issues in economics, politics, law, religion, social life and cultural heritage.(Prerequisites:111,305 or consent of instructor)

Art and Design (ART)

447a,b-3 each Ancient Art - [Dist.FAH, IC] Art and architecture from prehistory through Rome. (a) Prehistoric to Greek late archaic; (b) Greek high Classic to Rome. Prerequisites: 225a with a grade of C or better or consent of instructor.

448a,b-3 each Early Christian and Medieval Art - [Dist.FAH, IC] (a) Early Christian, Byzantine, and Early Medieval art up to the 10th century; (b) Romanesque and Gothic art. Prerequisites: 225a,b with grades of C or better or consent of instructor.

449a,b-3 each Renaissance Art - [Dist.FAH, IC] (a) Architecture, sculpture, and painting of the Renaissance and Mannerist periods in Northern Europe; (b) Architecture, sculpture, and painting of the Renaissance and Mannerist periods in Italy and Southern Europe. Prerequisites: 225a,b with grades of C or better or consent of instructor.

468a,b-3 each Primitive Art: The Americas - [Dist.FAH, IC], (a) Arts of indigenous societies of the Americas presented in cultural and geographical sequence, ancient to 19th century. (a) Precolumbian art; (b) North American Indian art. Prerequisites: 225a,B with grades of C or better or consent of advisor.

469a,b-3 each Primitive Art: Africa and Oceania - [Dist.FAH, IC] Arts of indigenous societies of sub-Saharan Africa and of Oceania: Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia, presented in cultural and geographical sequence. (a) Africa; (b) Oceania. Prerequisites: 225a,b with grades of C or better or consent of advisor.

English (ENG)

306-3 Introduction to the Bible - [Dist.FAH] Reading and discussion of selected books from the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha in translation, with attention to their literary, historical, and theological contexts. Prerequisite: C or better in Eng 102.

473-3 Milton - [Dist.FAH] Paradise Lost and other works such as Samson Agonistes, Paradise Regained, Lycidas, Comus, and selected prose. Prerequisite: C or better in ENG 102; junior standing or consent of instructor.

Foreign Languages (FL)

106-3 Word Analysis: Latin and Greek Roots - [SKILLS] Analytic reasoning and logic based upon linguistic word-elements and syntax, practical application to vocabulary building.

230-3 Foundations of Celtic Culture - [Dist.FAH,IC] Overview of ancient Celtic culture from its beginnings to its decline.

330-3 Celtic Culture: Mythology and Religion - [Dist.FAH, IC] Ancient Celtic divinities and mythology, Druidism, and Christianity.

History (HIST)

302-3 Ancient Egypt - [Dist.SS, IC] Civilization of Ancient Egypt from prehistoric through Greco-Roman period.

304-3 History of Greece - [Dist.SS, IC] From origins of ancient Greece to 30 B.C.

305a,b-3 each Comparative Asian Civilizations - [DIST. SS, IC] (a) Antiquity to the 16th Century (b) From 1600 to Present. An historical and comparative exploration of major Asian civilizations, including China, India, Japan, this course will focus on the evolution of critical religious, philosophical, economic and political institutions. Prerequisites: Eng 101; Eng 102.

306a, b-3 each History of Rome - [Dist.SS, IC] (a) Republic from origins to 30 B.C.; (b) Principate, 30 B.C. - A.D. 476.

308a-3 Imperium and Christianity: Western Europe 300-1000 C.E. - [Dist.SS, IC] Rise of Christianity and formation of medieval society and institutions in Western Europe from Constantine to decline of Carolingian.

308b-3 Medieval Conquests and Kingdoms, 1000-1500 C.E. - [Dist.SS, IC] Diversity of medieval experience in West, from the rise of papacy and Crusades to Hundred Years' War.

321-3 Reformation Europe: 1500 - 1648 - [HumanitiesBr, Dist.SS, GlobalCulturesExp] History of sixteenth-century Europe; social; political and cultural dimensions of Protestant and Catholic reformations; witch-hunts; scientific revolution; and wars of religion.

354a,b,c-3 each History of the Middle East - [Dist.SS,(a)IC, (b)II] (a) Islamic Middle East, 600-1800; (b) Modern Middle East, 1800-Present; (c) 20th Century Middle East

403-3 Ancient Mesopotamia - [Dist. SS, IC] History and culture of ancient Mesopotamia and surrounding regions from CA. 10000 B.C. to CA 539 B.C.E.

404a,b-3 each Topics in Medieval Social, Religious and Intellectual History - [Dist.SS, IC] Historiographical problems in the evaluation of medieval society, culture and ritual: (a) 400-1000 C.E.; (b) 1000-1500 C.E.

423 a,b-3 each Native Americans Before 1492 to the Present - [Dist SS, IGR] The investigation of disparate cultures in contact with blend of historical and anthropological methods and materials with emphasis on the Indian world view. a) is before 1492 and to 1840, b) 1840 to present. Prerequisites: 200 or consent of instructor.

454-3 History of The Arab-Israeli Conflict - [Dist.SS, II] Origins and development of Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism. Relations between Israel, Palestinians and the Arab States.

Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

324-3 Peoples and Cultures of the East - [IS, IC] Key organization principles, religious and philosophical norms, social customs, aesthetic tastes of China, Japan and other selected Asian nations. (History/Philosophy).

354-3 Islam and Politics - [IS, IC] Understand the symbiotic relationship between historical events and philosophical ideas through interdisciplinary study. 

Philosophy (PHIL)

220-3 Religion, Reason and Humanity - [Dist.FAH] Introduction to fundamental issues in study of religion, and relationship to religion, morality and human nature: Existence of God, evil, and after life.

233-3 Philosophies and Diverse Cultures - [Dist.FAH, IC] [IAI No. H4 903N] Representative thinkers, texts, and movements outside the Western philosophical tradition, e.g., from India, East Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

234-3 World Religions - [Dist.FAH, IC] [IAI No. H5 904N] Historical and comparative study, particular attention to such non-Christian faiths as Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Islam.

301-3 Medieval Western Philosophy - [Dist.FAH, IC] Major thinkers and movements from c. 4th century through 16th century.

320-3 Ethics - [Dist.FAH] [IAI No. H4 904] Theories of virtue, obligation, and value; discussions of individual and social morality.

331-3 Philosophy, Science and Religion - [Dist.FAH] Historically and conceptually important interactions between philosophy, science and religion from the beginning of the scientific revolution to the present.

333-3 Philosophy of Religion - [Dist.FAH] [IAI No. H4 905] Problems in epistemology, metaphysics, psychology, and sociology of religion. Questions about divine existence, mystical experience, human suffering, immortality.

335-3 Islamic Thought - [Dist.FAH, IC, HumanitiesBr, GlobalCulturesExp] A scholarly examination of theological and philosophical ideas within the Islamic tradition, from its origins to contemporary schools of thought. Prerequisite(S): Phil 334 World religions or Written Consent of the Instructor.

336-3 Christian Thought - [Dist.FAH] Scholarly treatment of historical development of Christian doctrines and thought.

390-3 Philosophy Here and Abroad - [Dist.FAH] Variable content course with a study abroad component. Participation in the study abroad is required for completing the course. Repeatable to 6 credit hours. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Theater (THEA)

235-2 Introduction to T'ai Chi Ch'uan - "Slowmotion" exercise that promotes relaxation, circulation, balance, flexibility. Includes principles and postures from

short form of Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

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