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39th Fritz Marti Lecture


Speaker: Kevin Hart

Edwin B Kyle Professor of Christian Studies (Theology, Ethics and Culture; Scripture, Interpretation and Practice)

University of Virginia

Title: Phenomenology as Hermeneutics 

Date: 18th March, Friday at 5pm

Location: Mississippi-Illinois Room, MUC


Kevin Hart

Dr. Hart primarily works between the worlds of Philosophy and Theology, and also in the field of Religion and Literature. He is the current editor of Jean-Luc Marion: The Essential Works for Fordham UP. He is also the co-editor the book series “Thresholds: Philosophy and Theology” for Notre Dame UP. His main research project is on The Phenomenology of the Christ. 

Paper Abstract:

"Phenomenology as Hermeneutics"
The paper defends Husserl against the influential argument provided by Paul Ricoeur that phenomenology is a mode of idealism and that it needs to be replaced with a supplement of hermeneutics in order to avoid philosophical regression. I seek to rebut Ricoeur's five points one at a time and show that indeed things are rather more complex than Ricoeur imagines, in part because he bypasses important moments in Husserl's *Nachlass*. In particular, Ricoeur's understanding of Fichte is flawed.

Who was Fritz Marti?

On the first of January in 1894, Fritz Marti was born in Switzerland. In the fall of 1965, he joined the faculty at SIUE at the age of 71. Although older than many of his colleagues, Fritz was lively and enthusiastic. He came to SIUE with a rich and exciting history. Growing up in Switzerland, he held a job as an iron worker before fighting with the Swiss army during World War 1. Afterwards, he studied mechanical engineering and philosophy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. With his newly earned Ph.D. in philosophy, Fritz Marti immigrated to the US in 1922. Here, he taught at many different universities, served as president of both the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology and the Southern Society for Philosophy of Religion, ran a private preparatory school in Ohio, and even taught art history.

For more information about Fritz Marti, visit Oregon State University's website.

Philosophy Department Faculty with Bust of Fritz Marti

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2000: Mark Sagoff, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy in the School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland, "Ecosystem Design in Historical and Philosophical Context"

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