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Philosophy Colloquia

Fall 2013

Josh Heter presents “Epistemic Possibility and Practical Reasoning” (09/20/2013)

Dr. William Rehg presents “Does Science Serve the Common Good?” (11/15/2013)

Dr. William Larkin presents "A Decentralized Land Ethic" (11/22/2013)

Spring 2013

Ezio Vailati presents "Information That Might Not Have Been Obtained" (03/29/2013)

Elizabeth Victor (04/05/2013)

Alison Reiheld (04/19/2013)

Fall 2012

Elizabeth Victor presents "Scientific Research & Civil Rights" (09/07/2012)

Ezio Vailati presents "Nazi Narratives in Leni Riefenstahl's 'Olympia'" (10/12/2012)

Dr. Charlie Kurth (Washington University in St. Louis) presents "Better Assurance-Based Account of Promises" (11/30/2012)

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