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To complete the minor in Native American Studies, the student must take the core courses, plus five of the following courses electives.

Courses counted toward the Native American Studies minor may not be counted toward the student's major and must come from at least two different academic departments. Students must receive C or better in all NAST courses.


Core Course:

ANTH 205 Introduction to Native American Studies



ANTH 305 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
ANTH 312 Contemporary Native Americans
ANTH 333 Origins of New World Cities and States
ANTH 336 North American Prehistory
ANTH 420 Museum Anthropology
ANTH 432 Prehistory of Illinois
imgART 468a Precolumbian Art
imgART 468b Native Arts of North America
HIST 423a Native Americans Before 1492 to 1840
HIST 423b Native Americans 1840 to present
HIST 450 Native American Women
HIST 451 Native Americans Encounter Lewis and Clark
IS 305 Topics in Native American Studies
PHIL 337 American Indian Thought
POLS 449 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the US



Sequoyah was Cherokee, creator of the Cherokee alphabet.
Plate 13, Thomas L. McKenney & James Hall, History of the Indian Tribes of North America.
: F.W. Greenough, 1838-1844. (www.

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