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Parent Classes/Beginner Students

Parents Preparatory Class

Parents of new students, ages 3-8, attend a weekly Parent/ Beginner Class during the Saturday morning 11:30 a.m. group time. This class assists parents in learning to play the violin, as well as tips for practicing and helping students. During the semester, the transition from Parent Class to Student Class is made, depending on the progress of the Parents and Students. By second semester, it is a student class. In their second year of group classes, beginning students start at the 10:15 time.

New students are admitted only during the fall semester if they are under 8 years old. Students transferring from another program and older students may start at any time according to space available.

Attendance at the Parent Class ensures the parent’s success in their role as “home teacher” by giving them first-hand experience with the violin and with teaching points such as position, posture, and tone production. This is a time to build friendships with other parents and create a network of friends who are new to the Suzuki Method.

At the beginning of fall semester, new students and parents will observe private lessons and Saturday group classes. A few weeks later, they will be assigned to their own Saturday group class and will begin private lessons.

Basic Equipment

Initially, your child will need:

  • a violin, viola, or cello suited to the size of the child. (The teacher will make a recommendation. DO NOT purchase one before checking with your teacher.)
  • fine tuners, rosin, a shoulder pad, tuning fork, cassette or CD player
  • soft cloth for cleaning the instrument
  • Suzuki Violin, Viola, or Cello School Volume
  • Suzuki Violin, Viola, or Cello School CD recording; and
  • A resource book on Suzuki philosophy

Eventually, your child will need a music stand, violin polish, metronome, a spare set of strings, and a mute.

PreTwinkle Song Recordings

Pop Goes the Weasel

E Tune

A Tune

Train Song

Open String Blues

Flower Song

Monkey Song on E

Monkey Song on A

A Major Scale

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