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Department of Mathematics & Statistics
This page will be updated approximately every semester to provide a sampling of some of the theses and special projects undertaken by our graduate students.
Name Semester Advisor Title
Brent Naritoku Summer 2015 Dr. Song Foh Chew Queuing Systems with Variable-Size Services
Rhonda Johnson Summer 2015 Dr. Andrew Neath The Necessity of Prior Information in Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Georgia Mueller Spring 2015 Dr. Steve Rigdon Power for Weibull Regression When the Shape Parameter is Not Constant
Kristina Thompson Fall 2014 Dr. Marcus Agustin
Dr. Zenia Agustin
An Introduction to the Cox Proportional Hazards Model and Its Applications to Survival Analysis
Thomas Brent James Fall 2014 Dr. Marcus Agustin Estimating Component Reliability For Masked Failure Data
Darren Olsen Fall 2014 Dr. Song Foh Chew Detecting Communities in Graphs Using a Structural Measure and Shaping Algorithm
Ryan Rzeszutko Fall 2014 Dr. Song Foh Chew Queueing Systems with Flexible Queue Capacity and Servers
Nicole Titus Fall 2014 Dr. Zenia Agustin An Overview of Disease Cluster Detection with Applications in Illinois
Ben Bishop Summer 2014 Dr. Song Foh Chew Complex Networks Generated Over Time
David Wylie Summer 2014 Dr. G. Stacey Staples Factoring Blades and Versors in Euclidean Clifford Algebras
Adam Armstrong Spring 2014 Dr. Zenia Agustin Using Multi-State Models for Life Contingencies
Stacie Banjavcic Spring 2014 Dr. Edward Sewell Bidirectional Shortest Path with New Heuristic
Thomas Edwards Spring 2014 Dr. Song Foh Chew Methods for Subset Sum Problems with an Item Count Constraint Inspired by Test Construction Problems, with Possible Extensions into Goal Programming
Steven Atteberry Fall 2013 Dr. Marcus Agustin A Stopping Time for Testing a Series System
Casey Babb Fall 2013 Dr. Song Foh Chew Using Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Graph Theory to Measure Complexity in a Network of Brain Structures in Human Subjects with Major Depressive Disorder
Sarah Burkhardt Fall 2013 Dr. Andrew Neath A Comparison of Item Response Models for Nonignorable Noresponse
Janean Overbey Fall 2013 Dr. Song Foh Chew Queuing Theory with Flexible Servers
Katherine Schwent Summer 2013 Dr. Cindy Traub Perimeter-Halving the One-by-Two Rectangle
Shuai Hao Summer 2013 Dr. Adam Weyhaupt An Introduction to Discrete Minimal Surface via the Enneper Surface
Ehsan Jahanpour Summer 2013 Dr. Andrew Neath A Study of Frequentist Error Probabilities From a Bayesian Perspective
Kelly Ayres Spring 2013 Dr. Andrew Neath Bayesian and Frequentist Hypothesis Testing in Analysis of Variance
Viliana Rizova Spring 2013 Dr. Steve Rigdon Kalman Filter Model for Election Prediction
Seongpil Hon Spring 2013 Dr. Song Foh Chew Queueing Theory-Based Terror Plots Detection
Lauren Cleeton Spring 2013 Dr. Andrew Neath A Decision Theoretic comparison of the Boyesian and Frequentist Approaches to Estimation
Jessica Gerwitz Spring 2013 Dr. Marcus Agustin Determining Record Scanning Profitability for the National Personnel Records Center Using a Pure Birth Process
Tiwatayo Fadero Fall 2012 Dr. Song Foh Chew Continuous Service M/M/1 Queuing Systems
Matt Gillespie Fall 2012 Dr. Zenia Agustin Modeling the Term Structure of Interest Rates Using Possibilistic Fuzzy Regression
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