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International Studies Program

Current Elective Courses

The current list of elective courses recommended for International Studies majors includes:

ANTH 111b Human Culture and Communication ANTH 302 World Music
ANTH 306 Peoples and Cultures of Asia
ANTH 307 People and Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean
ANTH 311 People and Cultures of the African Diaspora
ANTH 313 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 315 Family and Household in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 331 World Prehistory
ANTH 332 Origins of Old World Cities and States
ANTH 333 Origins of New World Cities and States
ANTH 404 Anthropology and the Arts
ANTH 410 Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 452 Political Anthropology

Applied Communication Studies
ACS 311 Intercultural Communication

Art and Design
ART 467 Islamic Art
ART 468a Pre-Columbian Art
ART 468b Native Arts of the Americas: North America
ART 469a Primitive Art: Africa
ART 469b Primitive Art: Oceania

Criminal Justice Studies

ECON 111 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 112 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 361 Introduction to International Economics

English Language & Literature
ENG 340 Literature of the Third World
ENG 344 Topics in Ethnic Literature
ENG 416 Language and Society
ENG 417 Language and Ethnicity
ENG 418 Language Endangerment and Death
ENG 457 Postcolonial Literature

Environmental Sciences

Foreign Languages & Literature
FL 111a Introduction to Foreign Studies French
FL 111b Introduction to Foreign Studies German
FL I11e Introduction to Foreign Studies Spanish
FL 111d Introduction to Foreign Studies Chinese
FL 111e Introduction to Foreign Studies: The French Speaking World
FL 345 Literature in Translation
FL 491 Cultural and Language Workshop
FR 311 Contemporary France
FR 312 Quebecois Culture & Literature
FR 320 Advanced French Conversations
FR 351 Survey of French Literature: Middle Ages Classicism
FR 352 Survey of French Lit: Enlightenment to Present
FR 353 Survey of French Novel
FR 402 Business French
FR 451 Studies in French Literature: Middle Ages Renaissance
FR 452 Studies in French Literature: Classical Enlightenment
FR 453 Studies in French Literature: Romanticism to Present
FR 457 African & Caribbean Literature of French Expression
FR 491 Cultural and Language Workshop: French
GER 311 German Culture
GER 320 Advanced German Conversation
GER 351 Survey of German Literature: Middle Ages Romanticism
GER 352 Survey of German Lit: Realism to Present
GER 353a,b,c Survey of A German Genre
GER 402 Business German
GER 411 German Civilization GER 452 Faust
GER 453 Seminar in German Literature
GER 491 Cultural and Language Workshop: German
SPAN 311 Contemporary Spain
SPAN 312 Contemporary Spanish America
SPAN 351 Survey of Spanish Literature: Peninsular
SPAN 352 Survey of Spanish-American Lit: Colonial Period to Present
SPAN 353 Survey of Drama in the Spanish Language
SPAN 412a Study of Hispanic Cultures in the U.S.
SPAN 451 Studies in Spanish Literature: Beginnings through 17th Century
SPAN 452 Studies in Spanish Literature: 17th through 20th Century
SPAN 453 Seminar in Hispanic Literature
SPAN 454 Seminar (Critical & Analytical Study of Selected Topics of Lit. or Literary Criticism)
SPAN 457 Don Quixote
SPAN 471 Spanish-American Literature: Short Stories and Novel
PAN 491 Cultural and Language Workshop: Spanish

GEOG 202 Resource Use and Management
GEOG 205 Human Geography
GEOG 300 Geography of World Population
GEOG 301 Economic Geography
GEOG 330 Geography of Europe
GEOG 331 Geography of Commonwealth of lndependent States
GEOG 332 Geography of Africa
GEOG 333 Geography of Asia
GEOG 334 Geography of Latin America
GEOG 401 Geography of Development
GEOG 405 Geography of Food
GEOG 406 Political Geography

HIST 305 a,b Comparative Asian Civilizations
HIST 320 Renaissance Italy
HIST 321 Reformation Europe
HIST 352 a, b History of Africa
HIST 354 a, b, c History of Middle East
HIST 356 a, b History of China
HIST 358 History of Japan
HIST 360 a, b History of Latin America
HIST 422 b, c Late Modern Europe
HIST 427 History of South Africa
HIST 454 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST 455 Women & Gender in Islamic History
HIST 460 History of Mexico
HIST 461 History of Cuba
HIST 462 History of Brazil

International Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies
IS 324 Peoples and Cultures of the East
IS 326 Modern Latin America
IS 334 Natural Resources: Issues & Conflicts
IS 336 Global Problems and Human
IS 400 History, Culture and Language of China

Mass Communications
MC 453 Transnational Media
MC 471 Special Topics: International Advertising

PHIL 233 Philosophy in Diverse Cultures
PHIL 300 Ancient Greek & Roman Philosophy
PHIL 301 Medieval Western Philosophy
PHIL 303 Nineteenth Century Western Philosophy
PHIL 305 Existentialism
PHIL 308 Twentieth Century European Philosophy
PHIL 334 World Religions
PHIL 335 Islamic Thought
PHIL 340 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 390 Philosophy Here & Abroad
PHIL 440 Classical Political Theory
PHIL 441 Modern Political Theory

Political Science
POLS 350 Western European Political Systems
POLS 351 Eastern European Political Systems
POLS 352 Politics of Development
POLS 355 Political Systems of Latin America
POLS 356 Political Systems of Asia
POLS 370 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 371 International Political Economy
POLS 472 International Organizations
POLS 473 United States Foreign Policy

Public Administration and Policy Analysis

Social Work


Theatre and Dance
THEA 310b Acting V: International/Experimental Styles

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