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Dr. Elza Ibroscheva

Department: Mass Communications

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Language(s) Spoken Other Than English: Russian and Bulgarian

Areas of Research Interest: International Communications, Visual Media, Feminist Media and Political Communication

How Long Have You Been in the U.S.? Since 1997

How Long Have You Been at SIUE? Since 2003

What Do You Like Most About SIUE? The small class sizes because it allows you to develop personal relationships. I have great colleagues, and love that it's close to a larger city and it's a beautiful campus.

What Do You Find To Be the Biggest Difference Between the U.S. and Your Home Country? Size is the biggest difference. Everything is so big here and it can be hard to get to. Coming from Europe, getting adjusted to the scale of things in the US was a challenge. Eventually, I figured out that Bulgaria is roughly the size of the state of Tennessee, just to get a comparative perspective. In Bulgaria, you could cross the entire country in 4-5 hours. Here, that will be just enough to get from Saint Louis to Chicago.

Interesting Facts: In high school, I used to compete nationally in Math and Physics competitions, which I was very good at. I went to a specialized science high school and everyone thought I would become a physicist. I then did a complete change and went into journalism, which I'm very happy with.

As of 2010 when the interview was conducted, I'm also the proud mother of a new baby boy.

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