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Joao Sedycias

  Name in Native Language Character (If Applicable):
 João Sedycias

 Foreign Languages and Literature

  Country of Origin:
 Brazil (Recife, Pernambuco)

  Language(s) Spoken Other Than English:
 Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Hebrew.

  Areas of Research Interest:
 Latin-American literature and culture, Golden Age Spanish literature, literary theory, and critical languages.

  How Long Have You Been in the U.S.?
 Since 1972.

  How Long Have You Been at SIUE?
 Since 2011.

  What Do You Like Most About SIUE?
 My students, my colleagues, and the CAS Dean and Associate Deans, who make my job as department chair bearable, feasible, and pleasant.

  What Do You Find To Be the Biggest Difference Between the U.S. and Your Home Country?
 The openness, acceptance, and diversity in US culture. The fact that this society draws from so many different sources for inspiration and strength. The professional opportunities available in this country, independent of social class or background, for those individuals who apply themselves and persist through adversity to achieve their goals.
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