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History of the American Revolution and U.S. Constitution
John A. Taylor Fulbright Scholar
Smolny College Saint Petersburg State University
Autumn 2004

Most readings will be available from Internet sources. The following printed books are also helpful: Bernard Bailyn, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution; J. P. Greene, ed., The American Revolution, Its Character and Limits; S. E. Morison, ed., Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution; and Polybius, The Histories. The first class session will meet on September 20. Holidays will cancel classes on November 8 and December 13. Midterm results are due November 15. The last class session will meet on December 20. A date for the final exam will be decided later.

Weekly Reading Assignments

I. INTRODUCTION: Republican theory. Polybius, Book VI. See:

II. Royal Proclamation 1763. See:

III. Acts of Trade and Navigation. See:

IV. Stamp Act Crisis. See:

V. John Adams, Novanglus 6 February 1775. See:

VI. Declaration of Independence.

VII. Shays's Rebellion.

VIII. Articles of Confederation.

IX. Constitution of the United States.

X. James Madison's Tenth Federalist.

XI. Bill of Rights.

XII. Anti-Federalism.

XIII. Summary.

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