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Overview of Social Science Education Program

Welcome to the Social Science Education Program at SIUe! With a social science education degree, students qualify to receive a license to teach essential topics in history, geography, civics, sociology, economics, and anthropology in the state of Illinois. Social science education students concentrate on one of three fields for their major (history, geography, political science) and receive an interdisciplinary, strong social science minor, which includes fields that range from anthropology, economics, geography, and political science. SIUe social science education alumni work throughout the region in education and related fields.

Please contact Rowena McClinton or Jason Stacy for further details!


Handbook for Social Science Secondary Education

Course of Study in History

Students who intend to teach at the secondary level may choose either the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree with a major in historical studies.

Required history courses for students seeking certification:

  • HIST 112a-World History to 1500 (3 credits)
  • HIST 112b-World History since 1500 (3 credits)
  • HIST 200-U. S. History and Constitution before 1877 (3 credits)
  • HIST 201-U. S. History and Constitution, 1877-Present (3 credits)
  • HIST 301-Historical Methods (3 credits)
  • HIST 323-Social Science Pedagogy (3 credits)
  • HIST 401-Historical Research (3 credits)
  • Five additional upper-divsion (300-400 level) courses in historical studies--a total of 15 credits--one of which must cover non-U.S. or European history.

Strong Social Sciences Minor

Students pursuing this degree must also complete the strong social sciences minor, which includes the following courses:

  • ANTH 111b-Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
  • SOC 111-Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
  • ECON 111-Macroeconomics (3 credits)
  • ECON 112-Microeconomics (3 credits)
  • GEOG 201-World Regions (3 credits)
  • GEOG 205-Human Geography (3 credits)
  • GEOG 210-Physical Geography (3 credits)
  • POLS 111-Introduction to Political Science (3 credits)
  • POLS 112-American Government (3 credits)
  • One of the following: POLS 300 (Introduction to Political Analysis), POLS 340 (The Presidency), POLS 342 (Issues in American Public Policy), or POLS 370 (Introduction to International Relations)

Student Policies

The following are required of all students in this program, including transfer students and those who already have a Bachelor's degree:

  • Certification requires a 3.00 GPA in history courses, including those completed at past institutions
  • Students must receive a grade of C or better in all courses that meet the requirements for the Strong Minor in the Social Sciences
  • No upper-level history classes can be completed at a community college
  • Completion of Social Science Pedagogy (HIST 323) before taking Student Teaching (CI 352)
  • No courses may be taken during a candidate's internship
  • Every potential student teacher candidate must be interviewed by the Student Teacher Screening Committee composed of history, geography, political science, secondary education faculty, and regional secondary social science teachers. These interviews take place in the fall and spring
  • Students also must complete the required program of professional education requirements in the School of Education, Health, and Human Behavior. Therefore, it is essential that any student desiring teacher certification meet with an adviser in the School of Education, Health, and Human Behavior's Office of Clinical Experience, Certification, and Advisement for admission to the Teacher Education Program

Featured Alumni

Marlene Cunico

Marlene Cunico

Freshman World Geography and Senior American Problems Teacher, Belleville Township High School District 201

“The most valuable aspect of the program was the history pedagogy class, which taught me how to teach in and manage a classroom setting. The program gave me the foundation I needed to become a successful teacher. The program prepared me for the classroom as well as formulating lesson plans. The most rewarding aspect was my student teaching experience at Collinsville Middle School, which allowed me to put what I had learned into practice.”

Jamie Cutright

Jamie Cutright

Social Studies Teacher, Palestine High School, Palestine, Illinois

"The history education department at SIUE is one of the best! The professors were great influences in my academic career and my professional development. Dr. Rowena McClinton gave me the skills I needed to be successful by learning what teaching in a classroom would entail in History 323. My cooperating teacher at Edwardsville High School during my student teaching brought everything to life. I loved my time at SIUE in this department and I would recommend it to anyone."

Matt Dailey

Matt Dailey

10-12 Grade U.S. History, World Geography, and Government/Economics Teacher, Tidioute Community Charter School, Tidioute, Pennsylvania

“The education I got at SIUE is one of the best. SIUE's classes brought out the many issues a teacher will face in the classroom. They made it realistic. The knowledge of social studies that I gained coupled with this real-world preparedness was the most helpful in being successful in my classroom.”

Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall

Social Studies Instructor and Teacher Mentor, Chicago International Charter School Ralph Ellison, Chicago

“The interaction with professors proved to be the most valuable part of my experience. The professors were accessible, personable, and showed they truly cared about the experience we had while preparing for our teaching career. Going from SIUe to our classrooms during student teaching was seamless because of the time our professors took. My knowledge of Common Core and curriculum structure has come to be a defining part of my success. I have been able to hit the ground running in those areas because of the time spent at SIUe.”

Erin Meyer

Erin Meyer

Social Studies Teacher, Collinsville High School

“I honestly cannot say enough great things about the social studies department at SIUE. Every social studies teacher I had was so knowledgeable and passionate about both history and the students. I have a few professors (shout out to Jason Stacy and Tori Harrison!) that have remained in contact with me and offered me sound advice and support even after graduating and heading into my career. The content I learned in a wide variety of classes has made me a more well rounded history teacher. I also had classes and professors that took time to not only teach content, but HOW to teach content in the most in depth ways."

Ryan Wiggs

Ryan Wiggs

Social Studies Teacher, Belleville East High School

“The History Education program at SIUE definitely prepared me for my job. I have taught two years of junior high and four years of high school and I have felt very prepared for both jobs. In addition, I am certified in many areas that not all social studies teachers are certified in. The most challenging part of the program for me would also be the most rewarding: my student teaching semester. However, with a very supportive cooperating teacher and SIUE advisers, it turned out to be the most rewarding four months of my entire college experience.”

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