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Faculty: SIU Cooperative Doctoral Degree in Historical Studies


Research Interests

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James Smith Allen - SIUC

Nineteenth-Century French Social and Intellectual

Jo Ann E. Argersinger - SIUC

World War II, Cold War, U.S. Labor

Peter Argersinger - SIUC

American Political History, American Rural History, Populism, Third Parties, Farm Labor

Dona Bachman - SIUC

Museum Studies

Amanda Bahr-Evola - SIUE

Western Civilization

Jonathon Bean - SIUC

United States

Getahun Benti - SIUC

Urbanization-Migration, Relationship Between Migration, Language, and Nationalism in Ethiopia

Dorian Brown - SIUE

African American History

Ras Michael Brown - SIUC

Atlantic World

Kay J. Carr - SIUC

Illinois History, Immigration, The Frontier, and Historical Geography

Anthony Cheeseboro - SIUE


Carole Frick - SIUE

Renaissance and Reformation Europe

Steve Hansen - SIUE

United States

Victoria Harrison - SIUE

United States, Western Civilization

Christienne Hinz - SIUE


Holly Hurlburt - SIUC

Women, Gender and Political Power in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

Bryan Jack - SIUE

African-American History; 19th Century United States

Thomas Jordan - SIUE

Latin America

James E. Kerr - SIUE

Western Civilization, U.S. History, Student Teacher Supervision

Robbie Lieberman - SIUC

Recent United States

Jeffrey T. Manuel - SIUE

United States and Public History

Rowena McClinton - SIUE

History Pedagogy, Native Americans, United States

Jennifer Miller - SIUE


Laura Milsk Fowler - SIUE

Museum Studies, Illinois History

Robert Paulett - SIUE

U.S. Colonial, Historical Methods, Cartographic America

Eric Ruckh - SIUE

Modern Europe, Intellectual History

Yulonda Sano - SIUE

African American History, United States

Katrin Sjursen - SIUE

Medieval Europe

Bryan Skelton - SIUE

Western Civilization

Pamela Smoot - SIUC

African-American History and Archival Administration

Joseph Sramek - SIUC

British Imperialism in South Asia

Jason Stacy - SIUE

Antebellum U.S. and Social Science Pedagogy

Rachel Stocking - SIUC

Christian Culture, Religious and Political Identities, Christian Anti-Judaism, Catholic Political Theology, and the Relationship Between Law and Local Communities

Steve Tamari - SIUE

Middle East

Allison Thomason - SIUE

Ancient World

Theodore Weeks - SIUC

Nationality and Ethnicity

Gray Whaley - SIUC

Native American

S. Jonathon Wiesen - SIUC

Modern European and Modern German, The Holocaust

Hale Yilmaz - SIUC

Middle Eastern

Natasha Zaretsky - SIUC

United States after 1945, American Cultural, Women's and Gender history, History of the Family, and Contemporary Theories of Race and Ethnicity