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Certification to Teach History

Handbook for Social Science Secondary Education

Students who intend to teach at the secondary level may choose either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Historical Studies. All students seeking certification must take two semesters of World History and Social Science/Pedagogy, which is taught in the Department of History, as one of their upper-level courses taken for the major.

The major constitutes the teaching field of concentration. Students pursuing this degree also must complete the Strong Minor in Social Sciences as outlined below. Students must receive a grade of C or better in all courses that meet the requirements for the Strong Minor in the Social Sciences.

ANTH 111 Introduction to Anthropology... 3hours

SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology... 3 hours

ECON 111 Macroeconomics... 3 hours

ECON 112 Microeconomics... 3 hours

GEOG 201 World Regions... 3 hours

GEOG 205 Human Geography... 3 hours

GEOG 210 Physical Geography... 3 hours

POLS 111 Introduction to Political Science... 3 hours

POLS 112 American Government and Politics... 3 hours

POLS 300 Political Analysis or POLS 340 American Presidency

or POLS 342 Issues in American Public Policy or POLS 370

International Relations... 3 hours

Total... 30 hours

Two of these 111 courses, outside of one's major, may count toward Introductory credit in Social Science for General Education, along with one of the courses in the minor numbered above 111, which may count toward Distribution in Social Sciences.

The following are required of all students in this program, including transfer students and those who already have a Bachelor's degree:

1. Certification requires a 3.00 GPA in history courses, including those completed at past institutions.

2. Completion of two semesters of World History and the Strong Minor in Social Sciences.

3. Completion of Social Sciences/Pedagogy before taking CI 352L, Student Teaching.

4. Approval by an interdisciplinary committee on Teacher Education, chaired by the Director of Social Sciences Education and composed of representatives of the departments of Geography, Historical Studies and Political Science.

Students also must complete the require program of professional education requirements in the School of Education for certification. Therefore, it is essential that any student desiring teacher certification meet with an adviser in the Office of Clinical Experience, Certification and Advisement of the School of Education for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

(This page is adapted from the "updated" 2006-2007 online catalogue)

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