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Department of Geography


Dr. Adriana E. Martinez

Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2013

Assistant Professor - Physical geography, fluvial geomorphology, riparian zones, GIS

Alumni Hall 1403A



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Rivers have always been a part of my life and their constant motion has always soothed and intrigued me.  I grew up in Texas with a little creek running through our property and in a town along the Rio Grande.  As an undergraduate, I realized geography was a unique subject because I could study both human impacts on rivers and how rivers influence human life. Rivers shape the landscape in unique and beautiful ways and provide habitat for a variety of organisms from vegetation to fish. Today, I use field methods and GIS to study how human impacts and vegetation can change river channel form and alter sediment transport.

Selected Publications:

Martinez, Adriana E., Adeyemo, Ayomipo, and Walther, Suzanne C.  2018 “Riparian Vegetation and Digitized Channel Variable Changes After Stream Impoundment: The Provo River and Jordanelle Reservoir.” International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, 9 (1).

Martinez, Adriana E. 2017. “Sensitivity of Modeled Channel Hydraulic Variables to Invasive and Native Riparian Vegetation,” International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, 8 (4).

Martinez, Adriana E. and McDowell, Patricia F., 2016. “Invasive Reed Canarygrass (P. arundinacea) and Native Vegetation Channel Roughness” Invasive Plant Science and Management, Vol 9 (1). 

Martinez, Adriana E., Hardwick, Susan H., 2010. Building Fences: Undocumented Immigration and Identity in a Small Border Town.  Focus on Geography, 52 (3-4) 48-55.

Martinez, Adriana E., Williams, N.A., Metoyer, S.K., Morris, J. N., Berhane, S.A., 2009.  A Geospatial Scavenger Hunt.  Science Scope.  32(6) 48-53.

Chin, Anne, Laurencio, Laura, and Martinez, Adriana E., 2008. The Hydrologic Impacts of Small- and Medium-sized  Dams. The Professional Geographer. 60(2) 238-251.

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