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Department of Geography

Dr. ShunFu Hu

Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1998

Professor - Geographic Information Systems (GIS), multimedia, remote sensing, hydrology, meteorology, cartography, physical geography

Alumni Hall 1408



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Selected Publications:

Onuoha, H., S. Hu and F. Odemerho, 2018. Analysis of Urban Growth in Edwardsville/Glen Carbon, Illinois Using Remote Sensing, Population Change Data, and Landscape Expansion Index, Papers in Applied Geography (in press).
Hu, S., B. Karna and K. Hildebrandt, 2017. Web-based Multimedia Mapping for Spatial Analysis and Visualization in Digital Humanities: a Case Study of Language Documentation in Nepal, Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis (in press),DOI: 10.1007/s41651-017-0012-4.
Hildebrandt, K. A. and S. Hu. 2017. Areal analysis of language attitudes and practices: A case study from Nepal. In Hildebrandt, Kristine A., Carmen Jany, and Wilson Silva. (Eds) Documenting Variation in Endangered Languages. Language Documentation & Conservation Special Publication no. 13. [PP 152-179] Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.
Du, J., D. Zheng, Y. Xu, S. Hu, C. Xu, 2016. Evaluating Functions of Reservoirs′ Storage Capacities and Locations on Daily Peak Attenuation for Ganjiang River Basin Using Xinanjiang Model, Chinese Geographical Science, 26(6): 789–802. doi: 10.1007/s11769-016-0838-6.
Jalayer, M., S. Hu, H. Zhou, and R. Turochy. 2015. Evaluation of Geo-tagged Photo/Video Logging Method to Collect Geospatial Highway Inventory Data for Supporting Highway Safety 
Manual Implementation, Papers in Applied Geography , 1(1): 50 - 58.
Jalayer, M., J. Gong, H. Zhou, S. Hu, and M. Grinter. 2014. A Comprehensive Assessment of Highway Inventory Data Collection Methods, Journal of Transportation Research Forum, 53(2): 73-92.

Hildebrandt, K and S. Hu. 2013. Multimedia Mapping on the Internet and Language Documentation: New Directions in Interdisciplinarity, Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal, 3 (3): 51 - 61.

Zhou, H., M. Jalayer, J. Gong, S. Hu, and M. Grinter. 2013. Investigation of Methods and Approaches for Collecting and Recording Highway Inventory Data. Illinois Center for Transportation Series No. 13-022, 134p.

Hu, S. and T. Dai. 2013. Online Map Application Development Using Google Maps API, SQL Database and ASP.NET, International Journal of Information Communication Technology Research, vol.3, issue 2.

Hu, S. 2012. Online Mapping for Fire Service First Responders Using Google Maps API, Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, 35: 54 - 63.

Hu, S. 2012. Multimedia Mapping on the Internet Using Commercial APIs, Online Maps with APIs and Mapservices (M. P. Peterson, ed.), Springer, pp. 61-71.

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