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Course Requirements

Mariana Solares -
Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Peck Hall 2322
Phone: (618) 650-2052

Course Requirements: 21 credit hours

Required Courses (9 hours)

SPAN 312* - Contemporary Spanish America

HIST 360A or 360B - History of Latin America

ANTH 333 or 307 - Origins of New World Civilizations or People and Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

Elective Courses

Select 12 hours from the courses listed below.

Electives are courses with Latin America as primary


SPAN 292 or 492 ** Service Learning / Study Abroad

Immersion Course

SPAN 352* Survey of Spanish American Literature: Colonial Period to the Present

SPAN454* - Seminar in Spanish American Topic

SPAN471 - Spanish American Literature: Short Stories or Novel

*All Spanish courses except SPAN 292 are taught in Spanish. SPAN 492 is encouraged for language majors and minors and focuses on language learning. SPAN 292 is a service learning, introductory language and cultural studies course for the non-language major.

HIST 360a - History of Latin America (prehistory to 19 th century)

HIST 360b - History of Latin America (modern)

HIST 460 - History of Mexico

HIST 461 - History of Brazil

HIST 462 - History of Cuba

ANTH 307 - People and Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

ANTH 333 - Origins of New World Civilization

ART 468a, 468b - Primitive Art: The Americas

Special Electives

Special electives include courses with a substantial

Latin American component and relevance to Latin

American Studies, but Latin American topics may not be the only primary topic. Only 3 credit hours (of the 12 elective credits) are allowed from the list of Special Electives.

ANTH 428 - Primates, Conservation and Environment

MC 453 - Transnational Media

ENSC 445 - Conservation Biogeography

MUS 305 Non-Western Music

Study Abroad Courses

All study abroad courses in Latin America can be used for this minor, including Spanish 491 and 492. Only six hours can be accomplished through study abroad, these credits requiring approval by the coordinator of the Latin American Studies Program. An exception might be made if the student enrolls in a Latin American

university for a semester as an exchange student and takes courses that are the equivalent to those outlined in the Latin American Studies minor.

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