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This course is designed to introduce political science as a field of study in three significant ways. The primary interest this semester will be the discussion of the central ideas in the systematic analysis of politics. Some of these enduring ethical and empirical concepts include: power, ideology, economics, culture, socialization, parties, interest groups, and bureaucracy. The science of politics compels us to determine, as accurately as possible, the objective reality of what goes on in the always changing and often neglected study of politics. Students of politics are challenged with understanding and analyzing the emerging political realities in the local, domestic, and international arenas. The second objective of this class is expose students to the wide range of research methodologies used in the discipline. This experience will both aid students in understanding serious academic work in political science as an observer and prepare students for the dissemination of knowledge of politics in the third component of class. That is, the final goal of this semester is to have members of Introduction to Political Science think, research, and write like political scientists by conducting their own original political investigations for the analytical term paper or major writing assignment of the class.

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