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Environmental Health Specialization

The Environmental Health specialization provides students with the education necessary to identify, evaluate and control (prevent or mitigate) environmental conditions which may have significant impacts on human health. Examples of the problem areas requiring environmental health expertise are: maintaining adequate quality and quantities of food and drinking water, safe treatment and disposal of domestic and industrial waste materials, limiting or reducing air and noise pollution, reducing occupational exposure to hazardous substances and unsafe conditions, assuring safe and healthful housing, controlling the spread of insect and rodent-borne illnesses, proper selection and use of pesticides, and understanding the effects of global climate changes on human health. The environmental health specialization prepares students to assess the health impacts of physical, chemical, and biological agents in the environment and workplace and to explore means for their determination and management control. The students will gain the essential knowledge, skills and experience to prepare for the Environmental Health Practitioner’s examination to become licensed Environmental Health Practitioners. The graduates can be employed with a job title such as Environmental Health Specialist, Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Occupational Health Specialist, Environmental Auditor, Public Health Specialist, or Health and Safety Officer.

Sample four-year curriculum shown below for the Bachelor of Science in environmental sciences with an environmental health specialization (ESEH):

Year 1 (Fall Semester)
(4) CHEM 121A General Chemistry (BPS)
(1) CHEM 125A General Chemistry Lab (EL)
(3) ENG 101 English Composition I (FW1)
(5) MATH 150 Calculus I (FQR)
(3) ACS 101 Public Speaking (FSPC)
16 - Total Credits

Year 1 (Spring Semester)
(4) BIOL 150 Biology I (BLS, EL)
(4) CHEM 121B General Chemistry (BPS)
(1) CHEM 125B General Chemistry Lab (EL)
(2) ENG 102 English Composition II (FW2)
(3) RA 101 Reasoning & Argumentation (FRA)
14 - Total Credits

Year 2 (Fall Semester)
(4) BIOL 151 Biology II (BLS, EL)
(3) CHEM 241A Organic Chemistry
(2) ENSC 125 Topics of Environmental Health & Toxicology
(3) Breadth-Humanities (BHUM)
(3) ECON 111 Principles of Macroeconomics (BSS)
15 - Total Credits

Year 2 (Spring Semester)
(4) BIOL 220 Genetics
(3) CHEM 241B Organic Chemistry (BPS)
(2) CHEM 245 Organic Chemistry Lab (EL)
(4) STAT 244 Statistics (BICS)
(3) Breadth-Fine & Performing Arts (BFPA)
16 - Total Credits

Year 3 (Fall Semester)
(4) BIOL 350 Microbiology
(3) ENSC 220 Principles of Environmental Sciences
(1) ENSC 220L Principles of Environmental Sciences Lab
(3) ENSC 325A Toxicants in the Environment
(4) PHYS 131 College Physics I (BPS)
(1) PHYS 131L College Physics I Lab (EL)
16 - Total Credits

Year 3 (Spring Semester)
(3) ENSC 325B Toxicants in the Environment
(3) ENSC 330 Environmental Health & Waste Management
(1) ENSC 499 Research in Environmental Sciences
(3) IS 399 Environmental and Social Justice
(4) PHYS 132 College Physics II (BPS)
(1) PHYS 132L College Physics II Lab
15 - Total Credits

Year 4 (Fall Semester)
(3) ENSC 402 Environmental Law (POLS 497)
(3) ENSC 431 Environmental Toxicology
(1) ENSC 431L Environmental Toxicology Lab
(1) ENSC 498 Senior Project
(6) ENSC Elective Course (401, 437, 473, 475, 477)
14 - Total Credits

Year 4 (Spring Semester)
(3) ENSC 436 Environmental Epidemiology
(3) ENSC 435 Ecological Risk Assessment
(1) ENSC 490 Senior Assignment
(1) ENSC 497 Environmental Health Practicum
(3) ENSC Elective Course (401, 437, 473, 475, 477)
(3) Elective
14 - Total Credits

Total Hours 120

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