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Learning Goals

  1. Students will develop a depth and breadth of knowledge of the general history of literature (periods, genres, major figures, etc.) 
  2. Students will develop knowledge of critical approaches to literature and schools of literary theory (e.g. Formalism, Structuralism/Narratology,
    Post-structuralism/ Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis, Cultural Materialism/Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Criticism/Critical Race Studies,Feminism/Gender/Sexuality Studies); make connections between these approaches; and incorporate them into their own scholarly work.
  3. Students will learn how to analyze texts in clear and effective prose, and their work will exhibit a degree of sophistication necessary for advanced graduate work or teaching at the college level. 
  4. Students will become familiar with current scholarly resources and responsible research techniques and academic conventions.
  5. Students will learn how to engage in a sustained scholarly project, incorporating their theoretical knowledge and/or research into a literary analysis that meets standard guidelines.
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