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SIUE’s College of Arts and Sciences is organized into 22 departments; each department is the academic home of undergraduate majors and minors. These departments engage in collaboration with one another to strengthen interdisciplinary studies. Learn more about what each CAS department has to offer.

    • Accountancy
    • BS

    A key aspect of running a business is understanding its finances and taxes.

    Accountants and auditors help companies run efficiently. They analyze and communicate financial information for entities such as companies, individual clients and government.

    • Accountancy
    • MSA

    Master of Science in Accountancy

    The master of science in accountancy degree program provides an advanced professional plan of study designed to prepare individuals for careers as professional accountants in public accounting, industry, or the not-for-profit and governmental sectors.

    • Anthropology
    • BA, BS


    The anthropology program at SIUE emphasizes real-world applications of anthropology, with expertise in cultural heritage and the arts, community engagement, sustainability, and globalization issues.

    • Applied Communication Studies
    • BA, BS

    Applied Communication Studies

    The study of communication involves the development of theories and research tools to analyze, explain and improve human interaction. Departmental courses focus on two-person interaction, small-group decision making, communication patterns in organizations and other complex systems, public relations, and speaker-audience interaction in public speaking.

    • Applied Communication Studies
    • MA

    Why an MA in Applied Communication?

    The applied communication studies program at SIUE seeks to deepen students’ understanding of communication theory and to prepare them to analyze, generate and apply communication research.

    • Art – Art Education*
    • BS

    Art Education Specialization

    The program is based on the initial level for teacher preparation in the areas of knowledge application and development, instructional process, context and foundations of education, learners and learning, interpersonal relation skills, and professional relationships. At SIUE, our students are engaged in inquiry and reflection, which are necessary components in the development of successful learning environments in various contexts.

    • Art – Art History
    • BA

    Art History Specialization

    At SIUE, art history students study art and architecture, both as expressions of human creativity and as uniquely informative historical documents, to promote an understanding of its cultural and social value. Art history students gain a greater aesthetic appreciation of art and a deeper understanding of its purposes in different times and places through extensive study.

    • Art – Art Studio Specialization
    • BA, BS

    Art Studio Specialization

    At SIUE, the Department of Art and Design offers a core foundation of skills that students can build upon in order to produce meaningful and engaging works with diverse objectives, meant for a variety of audiences, as well as a wide range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional course opportunities to enhance a major area of concentration. Our students are challenged to view themselves as professionals on the first day they step into a classroom.

    • Art and Design
    • BFA

    Art and Design BFA

    At SIUE, a bachelor of fine arts degree prepares students to be life-long practitioners and appreciators of the studio arts who can demonstrate professional competencies – conceptual, technical and visual – in one specialized area within the department’s studio offerings. Students study in newly built and renovated facilities offering state-of-the-art technology, and are challenged to view themselves as professionals on the first day they step into the classroom.

    • Art Studio
    • MFA

    Art and Design MFA

    The master of fine arts (MFA) degree is a terminal studio degree designed to further the individual development of degree candidates and to provide them with professional competency in the studio arts.

    • Art Therapy
    • MA

    Art therapy counseling combines the therapeutic uses of art making with the skills of a professional counselor.

    Art therapy counselors are able to help people work through trauma, mental health issues, illness, challenges in living, as well as help those who seek personal insight and change.

    • Bachelor of Liberal Studies
    • BLS

    Bachelor of Liberal Studies

    Unlike a bachelor’s in a single discipline that requires students to take certain courses in a certain order, bachelor of liberal studies students take a variety of courses in a variety of fields. Students have the flexibility to design their own broad-based program that covers the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

    • Biological Sciences*
    • BA, BS

    Biological Sciences

    The biological sciences encompass the study of all life on earth. At SIUE, our diverse programs of study include specializations that allow students to pursue any of those areas that are of interest to them. Many careers are available for people with basic or advanced training in biology.

    • Biological Sciences
    • MA, MS

    Biological Sciences

    Graduate students in biological sciences may pursue a concentration in a variety of areas including cellular and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, and evolution and ecology.

    • Business Administration – General
    • BS

    The business administration degree program provides a basic understanding of the functional areas of business.

    Graduates of the program are qualified for careers in administration or management of business firms, in banking and insurance, and in federal, state and local government agencies as well as a variety of other settings where the knowledge of business functions is required.

    • Business Administration
    • MBA

    Business Administration MBA

    The master of business administration (MBA) degree is designed to develop the professional capabilities of managers working in business.

    • Chemistry
    • BA, BS

    Chemistry is the study of the behavior of matter.

    The Department of Chemistry offers several degree programs and active research opportunities in order to satisfy the diverse career goals of our students. Chemistry majors work as analysts, environmentalists, criminologists, librarians, patent examiners, production foremen, researchers, writers and teachers.

    • Chemistry*
    • MS

    Chemistry is the study of matter and the interaction of chemical substances, properties, and their reactions.

    Those with graduate degrees also can pursue secondary education positions teaching chemistry and the related disciplines.

    • Chemistry – Biochemistry Specialization
    • BS


    The St. Louis area is a biotechnology hub that supports many large chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical companies that employ SIUE graduates. The biochemistry program at SIUE includes advanced courses and lab experiences in biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, analytical chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry ....

    • Civil Engineering
    • BS

    Civil engineers design the infrastructure of society.

    Civil engineers protect the health and safety of people and the environment. They allow goods, services and people to move efficiently. They provide locations for people to live, relax and work. Civil engineers apply the principles of mathematics and sciences to improve people’s lives.

    • Civil Engineering
    • MS

    Civil engineers design the infrastructure of society.

    Earn a graduate degree in civil engineering and explore the possibilities available through conducting research in environmental, geotechnical, structural or transportation engineering. Tackle the problems associated with pollution, make transportation systems safer, enhance the quality of bridges, highways and buildings, and improve the design of earthen structures and underground space.

    • Clinical Child and School Psychology
    • MS

    Clinical Child and School Psychology

    The clinical child and school specialization trains students to work in organizations serving children, adolescents and families. Graduates work as clinical child psychologists in community mental health agencies, corrections, hospitals and residential treatment centers. This specialization provides the foundation for entry into the specialist degree program for students intending to be certified as school psychologists.

    • Clinical Psychology
    • MA

    Clinical Psychology

    The clinical specialization is intended for students who seek to acquire master’s-level training appropriate for clinical work, primarily with adult clients. This training often leads to employment in organizations providing clinical psychological services (e.g. community mental health agencies, hospitals, mental health facilities) or continued education in doctoral training programs.

    • College Student Personnel Administration
    • MSEd

    College Student Personnel Administration

    A master’s degree in college student personnel administration will prepare you for a career in higher education.

    • Computer Engineering
    • BS

    Computer Engineering

    Electrical engineering and computer engineering are concerned with the development and application of electrical and computer technology to enhance and enrich all life.

    • Computer Management and Information Systems
    • BS

    Computer Management and Information Systems – BS

    CMIS is a STEM-designated applied business program that provides students with skills in business systems analysis, design and implementation, database design and implementation, and communications systems design. Students also obtain a breadth of knowledge in the business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

    • Computer Management and Information Systems
    • MS

    Computer Management and Information Systems – MS

    CMIS is a STEM-designated applied business program that focuses on the areas of information systems, software development, computer system architectures, data communications and related management issues.

    • Computer Science
    • BA, BS

    The bachelor’s programs in computer science prepare students for challenging careers in software design and development.

    Every aspect of our society is impacted by computer applications. Information technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and computer scientists are needed in every field including business, cyber-security, mobile applications, networking, medicine, game and movie entertainment, education, robotics, and military.

    • Computer Science
    • MS

    Graduates with a degree in computer science frequently earn positions as software engineers.

    Graduates also pursue careers as research scientists, technology infrastructure specialists or technology consultants. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts continued high demand and high salaries well into the next decade for computer scientists and software engineers.

    • Construction Management
    • BS

    Construction Management

    The construction industry is one of the largest components of the U.S. economy. The construction management program at SIUE blends business and engineering coursework to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for the multi-faceted aspects of careers in construction management.

    • Construction Management – Land Surveying Specialization
    • BS

    Construction Management – Land Surveying Specialization

    The land surveying specialization is designed to prepare graduates who would meet the statutory requirements for eligibility to sit for the Illinois Professional Land Surveyor in Training examination, and later to become Professional Land Surveyors.

    • Criminal Justice Studies
    • BA, BS

    Criminal justice is a social science that focuses on patterns of criminal behavior.

    Criminal justice studies at SIUE is a multidisciplinary degree program with a strong academic foundation in the liberal arts. In recent years, career opportunities in fields linked with criminal justice have shown steady growth.

    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • MSEd

    Curriculum and Instruction

    The master of science in education, with an emphasis in curriculum and instruction, provides practicing teachers with the opportunity to develop deeper and broader understandings of the challenges of teaching and learning in today’s diverse schools.

    • Dentistry
    • DMD

    Dentistry DMD

    The SIU School of Dental Medicine provides exceptional value in dental education. Students access the latest technology in today’s oral health care field and also play a part in helping some 8,000 patients a year receive excellent dental care through state-of-the-art clinics.

    • Dentistry – Advanced Education in General Dentistry
    • Post-doctoral Education Program

    Dentistry – Advanced Education in General Dentistry

    One of the premier AEGD programs in the country, the SIU School of Dental Medicine’s fully accredited, one-year program is designed to refine and enhance the resident’s clinical skills and scientific knowledge.

    • Doctor of Pharmacy
    • PharmD

    Doctor of Pharmacy

    Since the practice of pharmacy is a vital part of a complete health care system, and the number of people requiring health care services has steadily increased, the demand for pharmacists is expected to continue. Due to many of society’s changing social and health issues, pharmacists will face new challenges, expanded responsibilities and an ever-increasing growth in opportunities.

    • Early Childhood Education*
    • BS

    Learning starts in infancy and continues throughout a person’s life.

    Early childhood programs at SIUE offer both full-time and part-time options that lead to initial teacher licensure in Illinois to work with children birth to third grade. In addition, both programs offer a non-licensure option to work in infant/toddler and preschool settings that do not require teacher licensure.

    • Earth and Space Science Education*
    • BS

    Earth and Space Science Education

    The earth and space science program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and is designed for students to receive an overview of all the sciences, with an emphasis on the physical sciences.

    • Economics
    • BA, BS

    In today’s global economy, expertise in the field of economics is critical in almost any career choice.

    Economics is a social science that examines the decision making process regarding the use of scarce resources such as land, raw materials, labor, machinery, physical structures, etc.

    • Economics and Finance
    • BS

    Economics and Finance – BS

    At SIUE, the business economics and finance program provides students with a deep understanding of the global economic environment, hands-on experience with quantitative analysis and also equips students with the tools necessary for financial decision making.

    • Economics and Finance
    • MA, MS

    Economics and Finance – MA, MS

    The graduate economics and finance program focuses on skill-building projects based on SAS and other software extensively used in the finance industry.

    • Educational Administration – Principal Endorsement/Teacher Leader
    • MSEd

    Educational Administration – Principal Endorsement/Teacher Leader

    The Department of Educational Leadership offers a program of study leading to the master of science in education (MSEd) degree.

    • Educational Administration – Superintendent Endorsement
    • Specialist

    Educational Administration – Superintendent Endorsement

    Completion of the superintendent program affords the opportunity to lead public school districts in both Illinois and Missouri.

    • Educational Leadership – Superintendent Doctorate
    • EdD

    Educational Leadership – Superintendent Doctorate

    The program is designed for practicing P-12 school administrators who want to pursue a career as superintendent or school district leader. Through doctoral study, they develop expertise in using research to make system-wide changes that benefit all students in the school district.

    • Educational Leadership Doctorate – General School Leadership
    • EdD

    Educational Leadership Doctorate – General School Leadership

    The program is designed for practicing P-12 school administrators who want to pursue a career as superintendent or school district leader. Through doctoral study, they develop expertise in using research to make system-wide changes that benefit all students in the school district.

    • Electrical Engineering
    • BS

    It is hard to imagine any part of our daily lives where we don’t use the contributions of electrical engineers.

    Electrical engineering and computer engineering disciplines are concerned with the development and application of electrical and computer technology to enhance and enrich all life.

    • Electrical Engineering
    • MS

    Electrical Engineering

    Top-rated companies such as Boeing, Anheuser-Busch and many more hire SIUE graduates. Stand out by earning a graduate degree in electrical engineering. By building on an undergraduate foundation and conducting research alongside expert faculty at SIUE, students can enhance their skills in systems analysis and design, engineering design and development, applications design and technical sales, production and manufacturing, or field service and user training.

    • Elementary Education*
    • BS

    Elementary Education

    The elementary education program is a collaborative agreement between SIUE and public school districts whereby classroom teachers, university professors and faculty supervisors work together to provide elementary education majors a unique opportunity to regularly interact with students in grades 1-6.

    • Engineering Science (Cooperative program with SIUC)
    • PhD

    Engineering Science (Cooperative program with SIUC)

    The SIUE School of Engineering has entered into a cooperative agreement with the College of Engineering at SIU-Carbondale that enables students to do work on both campuses. The cooperative Engineering Science PhD program offers areas of concentration in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes.

    • English Language and Literature*
    • BA

    English Language and Literature*

    English majors possess the ultimate transferable skills – critical thinking, careful reading and masterful writing – that allow them to be versatile, flexible employees in –’s dynamic workforce. Students who complete the bachelor of arts and secondary education licensure requirements are equally well-prepared for careers as high school teachers.

    • English – Creative Writing
    • MA, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    English – Creative Writing

    The specialization in creative writing is designed for the student interested in pursuing the art of writing fiction or poetry. Students pursuing this specialization will not just develop their skills as writers, they will be better prepared to teach creative writing, pursue other professional writing opportunities, conduct further research into matters of creative writing pedagogy and publish their own creative works.

    • English – Literature
    • MA, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    English – Literature

    The specialization in literature allows students to pursue a graduate degree or post-baccalaureate certificate. The program offers a variety of electives to help students explore specific literary interests and periods.

    • English – Teaching English as a Second Language
    • MA, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    Teaching English as a Second Language

    A master of arts degree in teaching English as a second language (TESL) prepares graduates to teach and tutor students who are learning English as a second language, both in the United States and abroad.

    • English – Teaching of Writing
    • MA, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    English – Teaching of Writing

    The teaching of writing specialization is designed for the student interested in teaching writing at the university, community college, high school or middle-school level. A student graduating with this specialization will be prepared to teach writing and writing pedagogy, as well as conduct research in composition.

    • Environmental Sciences
    • BA, BS

    Environmental Sciences

    Study local, regional and global environmental issues and develop technical competencies to address these issues, their origins, ramification and resolutions. Specializations include environmental health, environmental toxicology and environmental management. Employment of environmental scientists and specialists is projected to grow 15 percent from 2012 to 2022.

    • Environmental Sciences
    • MS

    Environmental Sciences

    The environmental sciences program at SIUE is designed to enhance and promote professional education and career opportunities in a wide area of interests.

    • Environmental Sciences Management
    • PSM

    Environmental Sciences Management

    The environmental science management program is for students interested in a wider variety of career options in fields such as research management and technology transfer.

    • Exercise Science
    • BS

    A bachelor of science degree in exercise science provides an excellent academic foundation.

    The exercise science program at SIUE provides students with a solid academic foundation in anatomy, physiology and chemistry in support of cutting-edge courses in applied exercise science and rehabilitation.

    • Foreign Languages and Literature*
    • BA, BS

    Increasing diversity in the United States requires more professionals have diverse language skills and cultural awareness.

    At SIUE, we take our students out into the world and bring the world to our students. Our program curriculum includes subject areas focusing on the languages, literatures, cultures and histories of diverse regions and countries.

    • Geographical Studies
    • MS

    Geography is both a natural science and a social science.

    Geography examines the relationships between people and the natural environment. The breadth of geographic inquiry accommodates students who have broad interests and goals, and a variety of career opportunities await those who pursue a degree in Geography.

    • Geography
    • BA, BS


    We offer the only geography program in the St. Louis metropolitan area and as such, our graduates are in demand for positions in the region’s growing geo-spatial workforce. Our graduates have earned positions as park rangers, urban planners, retail location analysts, resource managers, climate scientists and geospatial analysts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts faster than average employment growth through 2020 in geography-related fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth for geographers will be fastest in the professional, scientific and technical services industry.

    • Healthcare Informatics
    • MS in Healthcare Informatics

    Healthcare Informatics

    Healthcare informatics professionals integrate the worlds of medicine and technology by combining their expertise in medical data management, patient care and information technology systems.

    • Historical Studies
    • BA, BS

    Historical Studies*

    The study of history begins with questions about the past; how things came to be as they are or were. These questions can contribute to a greater understanding of ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

    • Historical Studies
    • MA

    Historical Studies

    Graduate work in history contributes to students’ personal enrichment, lifelong learning skills and recognition of their responsibilities as members of a society composed of many communities of memory.

    • Industrial Engineering
    • BS

    Industrial Engineering

    Industrial engineers are specifically prepared to function as problem solvers, innovators, coordinators and change agents. Industrial engineers practice in all phases of manufacturing industries, service industries and government agencies. In a manufacturing organization, industrial engineers may be concerned with the design of a single workplace involving one or more persons and one or more machines.

    • Industrial Engineering
    • MS

    Industrial Engineering

    Students can leverage themselves with a graduate degree in industrial engineering at SIUE. Companies such as The Boeing Co., Emerson Electric and Covidien hire many SIUE graduates. A graduate degree places students in a network of highly skilled and educated professionals who work in the region, across the country and around the world.

    • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    • MA

    Industrial-Organizational Psychology

    Most graduates from the program leave with their master’s degree and go to work immediately in a corporate setting, either in a company human resource/personnel department, organizational development/training department or as an organizational/management consultant.

    • Instructional Technology
    • MSEd

    Instructional Technology

    Instructional technology (IT) is an interdisciplinary field that can sharpen your abilities to critically analyze the performance problems of employees or students.

    • Integrative Studies
    • BA, BS

    Integrative Studies

    Integrative studies is an interdisciplinary program geared toward meeting each student’s personal, academic and career goals as well as providing knowledge and skills to meet the needs of emerging professions. Students design their own program of study, in consultation with a professional advisor and a faculty mentor, and in doing so take responsibility for their education and career planning.

    • Integrative Studies
    • MA, MS

    Integrative Studies

    The master of integrative studies allows students to access expertise from multiple areas and integrate courses into a degree that meets the needs of an emerging career field.

    • Integrative – Cultural Heritage and Resources Management
    • MA, MS

    Integrative – Cultural Heritage and Resources Management

    The cultural heritage and resources management program prepares students for careers in applied fields relating to identification, research, preservation of, and education about cultural heritage and resources.

    • Integrative – Diversity Training
    • MA, MS

    Integrative – Diversity Training

    A diversity training graduate degree will provide you with greater insight into multiculturalism, discrimination, and the design of training interventions that maximize the benefits of organizational diversity and inclusion.

    • Integrative – Organizational Design Thinking
    • MS

    Integrative – Organizational Design Thinking

    Design thinking is an innovative methodology for creatively uncovering and solving problems. Design thinking can be used to improve processes, develop organizational structures, and create new products and services.

    • Integrative – Sustainability
    • MS

    Integrative – Sustainability

    The integrative studies in sustainability master’s program prepares students to apply sustainability concepts, principles and technical approaches to address “green” career needs in a variety of fields.

    • International Studies
    • BA

    International Studies

    International studies is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to help students reflect on and engage in the complex social, political, economic and cultural interrelations that exist among nations and regions of our increasingly globalized world. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in international studies are qualified for many positions in diplomacy or with nonprofits, governmental organizations and businesses.

    • Kinesiology – Exercise and Sport Psychology
    • MS

    Kinesiology – Exercise and Sport Psychology

    The exercise and sport psychology specialization focuses on the psychosocial factors that influence, and are influenced by, physical activity. While this specialization will appeal to those individuals currently teaching and/or coaching, it also is designed to provide a solid foundation for those desiring to further their graduate education in fields associated with behavioral medicine including exercise psychology, sport psychology, rehabilitation psychology and health psychology.

    • Kinesiology – Exercise Physiology
    • MS

    Kinesiology – Exercise Physiology

    A master of science in kinesiology with a specialization in exercise physiology is offered as an adult evening program designed in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for certification as a certified clinical exercise physiologist.

    • Learning, Culture and Society
    • MS

    Learning, Culture and Society

    The primary purpose of the program is to develop capacities of educators and other professionals to support cultural diversity and culturally responsive learning and living. This interdisciplinary program emphasizes the cultivation of dispositions, attitudes, knowledge and skills that are critical to teaching diverse students in today’s schools and working in any other settings where diversity is both present and valued.

    • Literacy Education
    • MSEd

    Literacy Education

    This program offers two options, Literacy Specialist and Reading Teacher. It is intended to provide advanced preparation for reading specialists and/or reading teacher certification. Our graduates are in great demand as school districts are in need of certified reading specialists and reading teachers.

    • Marketing Research
    • MMR

    Master of Marketing Research

    The master of marketing research (MMR) degree is designed to prepare individuals with diverse backgrounds for careers in marketing research and to meet the needs of business, government or nonprofit organizations for competent marketing research professionals.

    • Mass Communications
    • BA, BS

    Mass Communications

    This SIUE program prepares students to succeed in careers in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas: the mass media. Currently the 21st-largest media market in the United States, St. Louis provides numerous media resources to our students. Our students are placed in all major media outlets in St. Louis, including the communication departments of the St. Louis Cardinals, Blues and Rams.

    • Mass Communications
    • MS, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    Mass Communications

    Our graduate program is designed for students who wish to concentrate in professional media practice or media studies. Recent graduates from the program have applied their degree professionally in television journalism, advertising, public relations, sports marketing and public policy, or have gone on to pursue law and doctoral degrees.

    • Mathematics and Statistics*
    • BA, BS

    Mathematics and Statistics

    Professionals holding positions in the mathematics field as mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries consistently rank their careers at the top of surveys on job satisfaction and security.

    • Mathematics
    • MS


    Often called the foundation of all sciences, pure mathematics or theoretical mathematics deal with the science of structure, order, measurements and relationships of objects or groups of objects. Those who enjoy problem solving are suited for pure mathematics. The degree can lead to careers in education, finance and also in technology and engineering.

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • BS

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineers work to find alternative energy sources, design robots, airplanes or outer-space vehicles. Some may design more efficient heating and air-conditioning systems or create new medical devices used to save lives.

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • MS

    At the graduate level, the mechanical engineering program aligns academic course work with research.

    Students with a graduate degree in mechanical engineering will be well-prepared to pursue a career in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, energy, automotive, bioengineering, robotics and automation and computer-aided design and engineering.

    • Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
    • BS

    Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

    Mechatronic devices or “smart” devices have become common in our technologically advanced society. Mechatronics engineers can work in any company that develops, designs or manufactures and markets “smart” devices. Opportunities exist in design, manufacturing, sales, as well as research.

    • Music
    • MM, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    Music Performance

    A master of music (MM) degree with specialization in music education or in performance provides advanced preparation for professional work as a teacher and/or performer.

    • Music Education*
    • BM

    Music Education

    The Department of Music faculty believes students in undergraduate academic programs in music should receive a comprehensive musical background that includes cultural knowledge through the general education program, individual performance, ensemble performance, scholarly studies in music theory and history/literature, and teacher education courses, if appropriate. The intent is to develop skilled and informed musicians, able scholars, and competent and enthusiastic teachers.

    • Music Performance
    • BM

    Music Performance

    Some of the career opportunities available to graduates of the bachelor’s degree programs in music include teaching in public and private schools; playing professionally in symphony orchestras, studio orchestras, and jazz groups; performing in choruses, recitals, operas, oratorios and musical theater; composing and arranging. Additional opportunities exist in music publishing, music management and sales, music criticism, music librarianship, and private studio teaching.

    • Nursing – Accelerated Bachelor of Science
    • BS

    Nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities.

    The accelerated bachelor of science degree in nursing option allows students with a bachelor’s degree to attain a BS degree with a major in nursing rapidly through intense, defined curriculum.

    • Nursing – Accelerated RN to BS Option
    • BS

    Nursing – Accelerated RN to BS Option

    The accelerated RN to BS option is designed for students who have previously graduated from associate degree nursing programs and diploma nursing programs. This program is offered in a flexible, entirely online format to accommodate the needs of working RNs.

    • Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner
    • DNP, Family Nurse Practitioner Specialization

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    The family nurse practitioner DNP specialization program provides students with the required clinical competencies and theoretical foundation to deliver quality primary care for patients and their families with advanced skills in evidence-based practice, leadership, policy, finance, informatics and genomics/ethics.

    • Nursing – Health Care and Nursing Administration
    • MS, HCNA Specialization

    Health Care and Nursing Administration

    The SIUE Health Care and Nursing Administration (HCNA) specialization prepares nurses for entry into management positions in health care organizations, and refines the skills of experienced nurse managers to mentor them for executive-level positions.

    • Nursing – Nurse Anesthesia
    • DNP, Nurse Anesthesia Specialization

    Nurse Anesthesia

    The nurse anesthesia DNP specialization prepares registered nurses with baccalaureate degrees to provide individualized anesthetic patient care for diagnostic, therapeutic or pain management procedures.

    • Nursing – Nurse Educator
    • MS, Nurse Educator Specialization

    Nurse Educator

    An ever-increasing need for nursing faculty means that baccalaureate-prepared nurses who obtain a nurse educator master’s degree are actively sought throughout the St. Louis metropolitan region as well as nationally.

    • Nursing – Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice
    • DNP

    Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice

    Building on their specialty practice, Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates design new models of care; use evidence to improve practice; evaluate outcomes; identify and manage the health care needs of individuals, communities, and populations; and use technology and information systems to improve health outcomes.

    • Nursing – Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice and MBA
    • DNP, MBA

    MBA and Doctor of Nursing Practice

    The concurrent MBA/DNP degree program provides master’s-prepared nurses with the scholarly knowledge, political awareness, and financial skills to become entrepreneurs, chief nursing officers (CNOs), or chief executive officers (CEOs) of major healthcare institutions, collaborating with other professionals to design cost-effective models of accountable healthcare.

    • Nursing – Traditional
    • BS


    The traditional bachelor of science in nursing (BS) program is intended for students seeking their first degree with no prior college experience. This option is offered at the SIUE campus and through the SIUE Regional Nursing Program at SIU Carbondale. Highly qualified incoming freshmen at SIUE may be awarded direct entry into the program.

    • Nutrition
    • BS


    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, national job growth for dieticians and nutritionists is expected at 21 percent through 2022. The nutrition program at SIUE meets all requirements outlined by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to provide exceptional preparation for graduate and professional training in a wide range of nutrition, health and medical fields.

    • Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • MS

    Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Gain the tools necessary to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sciences research, discovery and development of new drugs. The MS in pharmaceutical sciences offers concentrations in the areas of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics.

    • Philosophy
    • BA, BS

    Philosophy is the attempt to think carefully, critically, and systematically about the most challenging questions that face humanity.

    At SIUE, pursuing a degree in philosophy allows you to follow your interests. Since classes are often centered on a discussion, you can be an active participant every day.

    • Physical Education and Coaching Pedagogy
    • MS

    Physical Education and Coaching Pedagogy at SIUE

    The master of science in education program is a 100 percent online program that consists of 30 semester hours beyond a bachelor’s degree. Graduate students have the option to complete the program in a flexible format that works with their schedule.

    • Physics
    • BS


    Immediate application of new physics knowledge is not what drives physicists, but rather an inherent curiosity about everything around them. Physics explores the big questions about the universe, and students who are motivated, curious, mathematical, and inventive, and who wish to explore these big questions will find their place at SIUE.

    • Political Science*
    • BA, BS

    Political science students examine the development and function of governments.

    Students who major in political science have entered careers in business, government service, law, teaching, journalism, and public and private interest groups. The Department of Political Science offers courses broadly concerned with the study of government and politics organized into seven fields.

    • Psychology
    • BA, BS

    Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, feelings and behavior.

    At SIUE, undergraduate courses in psychology acquaint students with the methods used and the knowledge gained by psychologists in their continuing efforts to understand mental processes and behavior. Students obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology from SIUE will be well-prepared to pursue a variety of both public and private sector careers.

    • Public Administration
    • MPA

    Master of Public Administration

    The master of public administration (MPA) has become the recognized degree for individuals who wish to serve as administrators, managers and directors in local, state and federal agencies, as well as in nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

    • Public Health
    • BS

    The public health program prepares students for rewarding careers.

    Entry-level Public Health Specialists will encourage healthful lifestyles and wellness by educating individuals and communities about behaviors that an prevent diseases, injuries and other health problems. Successful completion of the program effectively prepares students to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam, given twice yearly.

    • Secondary Education
    • BA, BS

    Secondary Education

    The secondary education program is a joint effort between the School of Education, Health and Human Behavior (SEHHB) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). Students study their subject area field with faculty in CAS as they also develop an understanding of the broad issues that impact adolescents and schools through courses and field experiences with faculty in the SEHHB.

    • Social Work
    • BSW

    Social Work

    The undergraduate social work program focuses on the knowledge, values and skills needed for social work practice. In addition to completing on-campus course work, social work students engage in field work in local social service agencies in several courses. Most graduates work in child welfare, family service, mental health or health agencies.

    • Social Work
    • MSW

    Social Work – MSW

    The master of social work program prepares students for careers in advanced social work practice. Students graduate with comprehensive social work knowledge and refined practice skills to engage in professional roles.

    • Sociology
    • BA, BS

    Sociology is the scientific study of human groups and relationships.

    A major purpose of the discipline is to find efficient and effective ways to understand and improve society.

    • Sociology
    • MA

    Sociology – MA

    Graduate work in sociology involves the advanced study of human social life, its processes, problems and possible future forms.

    • Special Education*
    • BS

    Special education is a dynamic and rewarding career.

    The special education program at SIUE is a nationally recognized program delivered through a collaborative partnership agreement between SIUE and public school districts. Classroom teachers and university professors work together to provide special education majors a unique opportunity to regularly interact with children from Pre-Kindergarten to Age 21.

    • Special Education
    • MSEd

    Special Education Graduate Programs

    The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders offers two program options that lead to the master of science in education (MSEd) in special education. Candidates may choose from MSEd with emphasis in Professional Development in Special Education or MSEd-2nd Certificate in Special Education. There is a growing need for special educators nationwide, and that growth is anticipated to continue in the years to come. Special education teachers are considered a teacher shortage area in Illinois.

    • Speech-Language Pathology
    • MS

    A career as a speech-language pathologist is extremely rewarding.

    The need for professionals in this field is expected to increase over the next decade. Opportunities in various work settings are numerous and include educational facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, home health, colleges and universities, and many more.

    • Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
    • BA, BS

    A career as an audiologist is extremely rewarding.

    Undergraduate courses in speech-language pathology and audiology provide students with a scientific background for understanding communication disorders. Students acquire knowledge in speech and hearing science, normal processes and the development of speech, language and hearing.

    • Theater and Dance*
    • BA, BS

    Those students wishing to share their knowledge with others and who are organized and social are suited to become teachers.

    The theater and dance program at SIUE is known for its small class sizes and the artistic freedom afforded its students. Faculty members encourage students to take risks to discover their creativity, and performance opportunities are ample.

    • Theater and Dance – Dance
    • BA, BS

    Our program is known for its small class sizes and artistic freedom.

    Faculty members encourage students to take risks so they may discover and expand their creativity. SIUE’s location – 25 minutes from St. Louis – allows students the opportunity to compete for internships in an artistically vibrant city.

* denotes teacher licensure is available

Updated July 20, 2016

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