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Welcome to the Criminal Justice Studies Home Page!

Criminal Justice Studies offers a major, a minor, and partnerships with several other interdisciplinary minors at SIUE, such as Forensics, Pre-Law, and Women’s Studies.  We will soon offer an online Master’s degree program, focusing on Criminal Justice Policy. 

 Criminal Justice Studies at SIUE is a popular major, with lots of real-world issues to consider and a wide variety of jobs to pursue once you’ve earned your degree.  Your classes here will be usually be taught by a full time tenured or tenure-track professor with a Ph.D.   Check out our video here.

You’ll study with a cohort of peers who share your interest in the processes, current events, debates and structures of our American Criminal Justice System.  You’ll explore the major institutions of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, the judiciary, and the correctional system, from probation through incarceration.   You’ll consider the best theories about causes of crime and delinquency, examine racial dynamics and wrestle with questions about how we know what works, or the empirical causes of crime.   Toward the end of your degree, you’ll do an internship working in a criminal justice agency and getting some real experience in the field before you graduate.

In addition, you may opt to delve more deeply into the study of juvenile crime processing, specialized forms of corrections, mental health issues in criminal justice, or gender dynamics at work.  You may take a deeper look at law enforcement or at the relationship between law and social norms; you might examine the community’s role in crime and law enforcement.  You might look at special crime policy areas, such as the drug war or terrorism.  Whatever your interests, there are many things to study! 

Here at SIUE, you’ll find a group of professors who are excited to feed your curiosity about the field we love, and to explore with you the great many issues in criminal justice today.  Moreover, your degree will help to boost you into the field upon graduation.  Click here for some of the jobs that you can consider with this degree. 

You can also connect with peers, both while you’re in school by joining the Criminal Justice Club and afterwards, too, with the networking potential of the SIUE Criminal Justice Facebook group. Join us on Facebook anytime!

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