�� CAS Colloquia 2014 - Abstracts
The 2014 CAS Colloquium is focused on 'Thinking About Movement'.


Best Kinscherff, Kristin - Movement in Motion

Cataldi, Suzanne - Freedom in Movement

Dickman, Therese - 19th Century Illustrated Sheet Music Collection Goes YouTube

Flaherty, Anne - Thinking About the Civil Rights Movement and African American Politics

Hildebrandt, Kristine - Language Documentation in Nepal: Between the Macro- and the Micro

Holt, Julie and Navarre, Ed - Movement of Ceramics in Prehistoric Western Illinois Examined Through Infrared Analysis

Hume, Susan - Bosnian Migration to St. Louis and Their Imprint on the Cultural Landscape

Kerber, Steve - To Move is to Worship: Al Wiltz and the Establishment of the Dance Program at SIUE, 1968-1983

Lavallee, Tom - Daoist, Buddhist and Early Chinese Literary Queries into the Nature of Qi and Motion

Mann, Debbie - A House Without Roots: Andree Chedid's Legacy of Literary, Geographic and Generational Movement Between the Nile and the Seine

McClinton, Rowena - Forced Cherokee Removal: Moving through Illinois as the Cherokee Nation

Moreton, Elizabeth - What Does the Doc Say? Will We Ever Know? Changing the Course of our Healthcare.

Nastasia, Sorin - Thinking About Movement in Public Relations Practice

Nwacha, Barbara - Defining Movement: Thinking About Movement

O'Brien, Jerry - West Coast Jews: The Relationship Between Anti-Japanese and Anti-Semitic Movements During the Immigration Restriction Era

O'Brien, Jerry - Close But Not Touching: The Eugenics and Birth Control Movements From 1900-1930

Paulett, Robert - Moving Pictures: Maps and Imagination in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America

Poepsel, Mark - Phoning Home in the 21st Century: The Latin American Diaspora Online

Romero, Aldemaro - Active Faunal Colonization of Cave: The Role of Natural Selection

Romero, Aldemaro - Lost in Migration: Lack of Correlation Between Geomagnetic Anomalies and Cetacean Strandings in the Caribbean

Smallman, Lora - On the Prowl: Alternative Career Moves for Humanities Majors

Tamari, Steve - Emigration and Forced Migration: Case Studies from the Muslim World

Van Leishout, Leslie - Make a Move

Willmott, Cory - The Aesthetics of Movement and Sound in Powwow Dance and Regalia