CAS Colloquia 2013 - Abstracts

The 2013 CAS Colloquium is focused on 'Thinking About the Book'.


Cooper, Ivy - Trespassing: The Books of Ed Ruscha

DeGarmo, Denise - When There Are No Books - How Universities in Palenstine Teach in the Absence of Textbooks

Flaherty, Anne - Supreme Court Justice Autobiographies and Affirmative Action

Frey Spurlock, Connie - Books in a Sustainable World: A. Sustainability Writers and Their Books B. Non-conventional Publishing Paradigms and Digitization

Johnson, Charlotte - The Evolution and Future of the Book

Johnson, Charlotte - Self-Publishing is the New "Traditional" Publishing Method

Kerber, Stephen - Elliott M. Rudwick's Race Riot at East St. Louis, July 2, 1917: SIUE faculty scholarship in the first decade

Lavallee, Tom; Zhou, Bin and students - A Portrait of Contemporary China: Student and Faculty Discussion of Tie Ning's The Bathing Women

Mann, Debbie - The Waterman Saga: Jacques Poulin's Books about Books

Manuel, Jeff - From Textbooks and Lectures to Primary Sources and Historical Thinking Discussing the New Lab Curriculum in History

Neath, Andrew - Your intuition (and your statistics textbook) may be wrong

Paris, Matthew - Roll On! The Rivers of America series and the Resurgence of Literary Regionalism

Pearson, Christopher H. - Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Pendergast, John - Book Making and the Making of the Book: Selections from Lovejoy Library's Special Collections

Pendergast, John - The Past, Present and Future of the Book in the Humanities

Poole, Katherine - The Art of the Book

Poole, Katherine - Medici Power and Spectacle: The Festival Book as Propaganda in Early Modern Florence

Romero, Aldemaro - From Aristotle to Linnaeus: The Books that Transformed Whales into Mammals

Rose, Mary - How Changes in Media and Technology Have Affected the Notion of the Book

Schapman, Marc - Too Many Sopranos by Edwin Penhorwood

Schulz, Kurt - Aldo Leopold and Ecological Restoration as a Tool to Meld the Practical and Aesthetic Aspects of Environmental Stewardship

Strand, Laura - Artist's Books as a Teaching Tool

Thomason, Allison - Tablets, Scrolls, and Codices: The Origins and Early History of the Book

Verbais, Chad - Future of the Book

Vigneau Dimick, Erin - Words Made Visible: The Book as Art Form

Vogrin, Valerie - Creative Writers Think about the Book

Willmott, Cory - Legend, Language and Literacy: Native North American Encounters with "The Book"