CAS Colloquia 2012 - Abstracts
The 2012 CAS Colloquium is focused on 'Thinking About Space'.


Abusharbain, Elaine - Perspectives on Space: The Sustainable Landscape

Ackad, Eddie - How the Initial Spatial Location of Cluster-Ions Irradiated with an Ultra-Intense Xray Pulses Predicts their final Kinetic Energy

Berrocal, Joaquin Florido - Creations of memories in TV series. The importance of space in intertwining fiction and reality

Braswell, Samanthe - How Thermodynamics is used to Shine Light on the Mysteries of Black Holes

Conklin, Jamie - Environmental Literacy and the Sustainability LibGuide

DeSpain, Jessica - Literature and Collaborative Space: from Page to Screen and Back Again

Donaldson, Bryson - Scaling Antinomies: GšdelŐs Theorem Applied to Set Theoretic Paradoxes

Essner, Richard - The Hollow Man: Form and Function of Space within the Skeletal System

Fields, Greg - A Media Companion to the book, A Totem Pole History: Potentials and Limitations of Digital Media to Preserve Oral Literature

Flaherty, Anne - "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land": Native American Land Claims and Conflicts over Space.

Flynn, Amitie - Local Eco-Tourism Opportunities

Foster, Tom - Evening Astronomy Observation

Foster, Tom - Space for Thinking: Cognitive Load and Effective Instruction

Frey-Spurlock, Connie - Connecting Students to the Campus Space through Sustainable Education

Gay, Pamela - Human Exploration of Space - from Your Desktop

Hayden Foster, Pamela - Politics, Gender and Discursive Space: William BennettŐs MANifesto

Hildebrandt, Kristine - Mapping Variation: A Case Study in Nepal

Hume, Susan - A South African Curios Market as a Micro-scale Space in the Global Economy

Israelitt, David - A spatial analysis of the vegetation at the Watershed Nature Center, Edwardsville, Illinois

Jennings, David - Heads or tails?: How developing animals divide up the space within an egg and specify how body parts are arranged.

Johnson, Matthew - Playing Well with Others: The Humanities and Technosciences in Game Studies

Kohn, Luci - Spaces in the bodyŐs internal environment

Krajniak, Kevin - The role of FMRFamide related peptides in the regulation of the motility of the digestive tract in the earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris

LaFond, Larry - Acquiring Spatial Expressions of Motion in a Second Language

Lavallee, Tom - Space, Power and Word Play: Zoomorphic Ornamentation in Xiamen Temples

Lutz, Nancy - National ÔSpacesŐ: Conceptualizing the Nation in Colonial Burma

McClinton, Rowena - The Circuitous Journey of Indian Nations and the Term "Sovereignty": The Cherokees as a Case Study

Poole, Katherine - Art and Space

Pursell, Corin - Buried Narratives beneath the Earth

Robb, Megan - Art TherapistsŐ Potential Space

Romero, Aldemaro - Caves as Biological Spaces

Rose, Mary & Kerber, Stephen - Digital Library Exhibits and Collections as Scholarly Space

Sabby, Jeffrey - Space: Our Past, Present and Future in Space Exploration

Schaefer, Ronald - Spatial domains among West AfricaŐs Edo

Schulz, Kurt - Ecological Spaces and Physical Space: The Conundrum of Invasive Plants

Solares, Mariana - The Art of Francisco Toledo: A Space for Transformation and Literary Collaboration

Tamari, Steve - Space, Freedom of Movement and IsraelŐs ŇSeparation BarrierÓ: An Interactive Installation and Performance

Vogel, Gregory - Cosmology, Worldview, and the Transformed Landscape of the Confluence Region 2,000 Years Ago

Vogrin, Valerie - What Writers Write About When They Think About Space

Ware, Robert - Ex Nihilo: A Derivation of Logic, Mathematics, and Physics

Wells, Prince - The Quadrivium: What The Medievals Knew About Time & Space

Weyhaupt, Adam - Space Separation Using Minimal Surfaces

Willmott, Cory - Collections and Collaborative Databases: The Digital Difference in Indigenous Heritage Research

Willmott, Cory - Cosmological Motifs on Anishnaabe Ceremonial Regalia

Yousef, Mohammad - Exploring the inner space of proteins: insights into fundamental biology and applications in drug design

Zhou, Bin - The Space of Yin and Yang