CAS Colloquia 2010 - Abstracts
The 2011 CAS Colloquium is focused on 'Thinking About America'.


Abusharbain, Elaine - America the Beautiful

Anderson, Jill K. et al. - America's Practical Bluestockings: Early National Women's Reading and Nineteenth-Century Authorship

Awsumb, Clay Michael - Power of Knowledge and Power over Knowledge: Incorporting Foucault and Bourdieu to the Cultural Study of Music

Bateman, Cynthia - Environmental Injustice in America: A Marxist Interpretation of Alienation By Rhetoric

Bentley, Kathryn - August Wilson: American Playwright

Berger, Charles et al - The Literature of 9/11

Binning, Rich - Change and Crisis, 1954-1965

Braimah, Weedie & Cairo, Aminata - Being African in America

Brugam, Richard - Legacy Lead Contamination in Metro East

Butler, Lakesha M. - Health Disparities of America

Cairo, Aminata et al. - Drumming for Well Being: Lessons learned about Race, Community and Cultural Heritage

Cheeseboro, Anthony - Entertainment and Leisure in East St. Louis 1950-1995

Coleman, Jasmine - Charts of Early Race Riots at the Turn of the Century in Illinois

Dell, Nathaniel - Authentic Experience, Nationalistic Categories, and Philosophical Travelogue: The Instanblues

DeSpain, Jessica - Representations of Americannes in Book Designs for Susan Warner's The Wide, Wide World

DeSpain, Jessica - Walt Whitman Thinking About America

Essner, Richard - Bird biodiversity

Fields, Greg - Songs in Epic Stories of the Pacific Northwest and Prospects for Recovery of the Samish Language

Flaherty, Anne - A Losing Hand: The Media and Portrayals of American Indian Land Claims and Tribal Gaming

Flaherty, Anne - Becoming "American"

Gibson, Hauren - Room for the Heart to Grow: PamukÕs Istanbul and ImmigrantsÕ Learned Love of America

Hansen, Steve et al. - Is America Unique? A Roundtable Discussion on American Exceptionalism

Hicks, Gary R. - From 'Snake Pit' to 'South Park': The Changing American Face of Mental Illness

Hildebrandt, Mark L. - Impacts of Global Climate Change on Extreme Weather Events in the United States

Holt, Julie - Putting the Native back into the American Bottom

Horsley, Ceara - NAGPRA Quantified: What Empirical Analyses of Artifact Repatriations Can Tell Us

Huang, Hsin-hsin - Impact of War on American Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans: Contextual and Psychological Implications

Jack, Bryan - The Struggle to Desegregate the St. Louis Public Transportation Mainly Through the Efforts of Carlton Tandy and his Wife

Jackson, Gerald - SimHumanities

Jennings, David - Endocrine Disruptors

Kaiser, Angela - Facilitating the Development of Social Capital in America

LaFond, Larry et al. - Dialectal Variation in America--and Illinois

Lin, Zhi-Qing - Selenium and Human Health

Mann, Debbie - American Identity with a French Accent: Re-Presenting Quebec History in the Works of Jacques Poulin

Markowitz, Linda et al. - Racism in Higher Learning American Institutions

McClinton, Rowena - Understanding the Struggles Faced by Civil Rights Activists

McClinton, Rowena - Missionary Writings about Indians: Problems, Confusions, and Solutions

Miller, Jennifer et al. - Thinking About America from Abroad

Murphy, Gypsy - Red Power-Red Pedagogy

O'Brien, Leah - Women Faculty in Higher Education

Hu, Shunfu & Odemerho, Francis - Thinking About the Long-term Downstream Impacts of the Locks and Dams of the Mississippi River on Channel Patterns

Paulett, Robert - Re-Thinking 'America' and Re-Mapping the United States

Romero, Al - U.S.-Cuba academic and cultural exchanges since 1959 and their future: the potential role of the SIU system

Shaw, Wendy - The Geography of U.S. Poverty: Selected Comments

Springer, Carl et al. - Louis Sullivan & the Battle for America's Architecture

Sullivan, Sara - American Multi-Culturalism as a Useful Category of Analysis of Minorities in Contemporary Germany

Theodorakis, Christopher - Potential Hazards of Nanoparticles to Human Health and the Environment

Truckenbrod, Emily et al. - American Voices: Poet, Composer, Performer

Vogel, Greg - Caddo Past and Caddo Present: the Archaeology and Identity of the Caddo Nation

Vogrin, Valerie - Creative Writing-Thinking About America

Willmott, Cory - Collaborative Research and Digital Circulation: The GRASAC Database of Great Lakes Aboriginal Culture

Schwalb, Natalee & Zamanou-Erickson, Sonia - Effects of Skill Gap and Digital Divide on Opportunities for America's Underprivileged Youth