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Why Classical Studies?

The Classical Studies minor contributes to cultural enrichment through the study of Latin and Greek, and of the history, philosophy, literature, and art of the Greek and Roman civilizations; to language sensitivity by close attention to the grammatical and syntactical structure of Latin and/or Greek and by careful analysis of texts; to expansion of a general working vocabulary; and to knowledge of special vocabularies of such fields as medicine, law, theology, and foreign languages derived from Latin and Greek.


"Greek and Latin have played a tremendous role in shaping the English language. Your English vocabulary is bound to improve, and your training in the ancient languages will give you the ability to appreciate the history of English words. Many technical terms in English are derived from Greek and Latin phrases, especially in areas like medicine and law: if you know the original Latin or Greek roots, these fancy terms will be much easier to pick up."


"Latin enhances the English skills of students by offering a grammar that contrasts highly with English. Students acquire a sense of how languages work and a readiness to acquire additional ones, as needed. Latin is the mother tongue of English, contributing about 65% of all English words, and 90% of those over two syllables. Moreover, Latin is the basis of 75-80% of all Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese words. Hence, Latin provides a useful key to building vocabulary in English and other European languages."

- Virginia Barrett - National Committee for Latin & Greek


"What employers appreciate is that Classics provides mental training in a whole range of different disciplines, and produces graduates of exceptional intellectual flexibility. In our world of rapid social and technological change, it is the capacity to react to new and unforeseen developments with flexibility which employers value most, and it is widely recognized that Classics and related subjects produce just the kind of graduate they are looking for, with an unparalleled capacity to adapt to new circumstances and learn new skills."

- Classics at Oxford

Possible Careers:

Business Consultant


HR Representative

Development Officer

Import/Export Representative

Intelligence Specialist

International Relations Specialist


Business Manager

Media Specialist

Marketing Research Analyst

Program Coordinator




International Business Executive

Copy Writer


Foreign Correspondent




Literary Agent

Public Administrator

Script Writer

Public Relations Representative

Public Information Officer


Public Policy Analyst

Tour Planner/Guide

Business Administrator

Information Architect Cataloger



Museum Staff Director

Secondary Teacher

Corporate Trainer

- University of Oklahoma

Famous Classicists

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