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Chemistry Web Resources

General Information

Environment (Federal/State EPA, etc.,) | "What's That Stuff?" (everyday materials) | The Nobel Foundation (Nobel Prizes) | PBS Science page | Lab Safety (Univ. of Virginia) | MSDS's (Material Safety Data Sheets)

General Chemistry

Periodic Tables | More on the elements | Acid/Base/pH Help Links | Stoichiometry Help Links | Ideal Gas Law Demos (requires Java) | General Chem Help (Purdue Univ) | CHEMystery (General Chemistry tutorials) | National Mole Day Foundation (for fun)

Organic Chemistry

IUPAC Nomenclature rules | Atomic & Molecular Orbitals | Named Organic Reactions | Organic Rxn Summaries/Quizzes | Reaction Flashcards | WEBster's Organic Chemistry (many links) | Organic Chemistry Help (Mich. State) | Spectral Interpretation Exercises


Amino Acids Info (EMBL) | Genetic Code Table (EMBL) | UC Santa Barbara: Biochemistry | MIT Biology Hypertextbook | Univ of Virginia: Interactive Biochemistry | Metabolic Pathways | Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Pathways | Biochemistry online course

Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry

Electron Counting Rules | Inorganic Rxn Mechanisms (U. Durham) | Organometallic Rxn Mech. (U. Oxford) | Organometallic Hypertextbook | Inorganic & Analytical Chem Help

Medicinal Chemistry

National Library of Medicine (NIH) | MEDline (Search journals free) | MEDlinePlus (Info on diseases/treatment) | MEDline Plus - Drug Information | Yahoo! Health (Drugs) | PharmInfoNet: DrugDB | WebMD: Prescription Drugs

Software and Molecular Modeling

Chime | Rasmol |Orbital Viewer | (CCL) Computational Chemistry List | NIH Center for Molecular Modeling | (DOD) Computational Chemistry review

Molecule Databases

Protein DataBank (PDB) | WebMolecules (Many organic molecules) | Nucleic Acids Database (NDB) | Molecules'R'Us (NIH Search of PDB) | ExPASy (Molecular Biology) | NIST Database | ChemWeb (Databases)


1H NMR Interpretation Tutorials | NMR Hypertextbook | Mass Spec Calculators | NMR Solvent Data | Periodic Table of Magnetic Resonance | Periodic Table of X-rays

Indicies (More Resource Links)

Yahoo Science Index | Chemistry | Jim Martindale's Index (extensive) | BioMedNet | ChemDEX | Network Science | ChemWeb


American Chemical Society (ACS) | ACS St. Louis Section | National Science Foundation (NSF) | National Institutes of Health (NIH) | Sigma Xi | AAAS (Am Assoc for Adv of Science)

Teaching Tools

WebCT at SIUE | JCE: Journal of Chemical Education | Chemical Education Resource Shelf | Molecules in the Classroom | BioChem Net (Education resources) | Hints on Oral Presentations (UMSL)

Research Funding

Council on Undergraduate Research | NSF -- Chemistry Division | NSF -- Grant Proposal Guide | NIH Grants | Petroleum Research Foundation | Science Wise | Foundation Commons

Area Company Web Sites

Chemir/Polytech Laboratories | Gateway Chemical Technology | Jost Chemical | Monsanto (Pharmacia/Searle) | Reliable Biopharmaceutical | Sigma-Aldrich | Solutia


CIRRUS (undergrad research web) | Patent Database (IBM) | OCLC: Online Library Catalog | ScienceNOW (online magazine)

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