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Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences,
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
SL 2323 (Office)
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1652
Tel: 618-650-3170 (Office)


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
2001 Complex Carbohydrate Research Center,
University of Georgia, Athens

M.Sc. in Bioorganic Chemistry,
1997 University of Catania, Italy

Research Interests:

Carbohydrate synthesis for the development of therapeutics.Structurally modified sialic acid derivatives: synthesis, modification and chemical sialylation.

Awards and Honors:


Great Teacher Award, SIUE


BLANCEFLOR Boncompagni-Ludovisi,
neƩ Bildt Fellowship, Sweden

Selected Publications:

1. A.R. Parameswar, D. Mueller#, C. De Meo, and A. V. Demchenko, Synthesis of Thioglycosides and Thioimidates from Glycosyl Halides, 2009, submitted

2. C. De Meo, M. Farris*, N. Ginder*, B. Gulley, U. Priyadarshani and M. Woods#, Solvent Effect for the Synthesis of a(2-6) galactosides: is Acetonitrile the only Choice?' European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2008, 21, 3673-3677

3. C. De Meo and U. Priyadarshani, C-5 Modifications in N-acetyl-neuraminic acid: scope and limitations, Carbohydrate Research, 2008, 343, 1540-1552

4. C. De Meo, G. J. Boons, A. V. Demchenko. Synthesis of glycosides of sialic acid: chemical aspects (scope and limitations). In Comprehensive Glycoscience - >From Chemistry to Systems Biology. J. P. Kamerling Ed., Elsevier, 2007, published July 2007

5. Farris*, M. D.; De Meo, C. Application of 4,5-O,N-oxazolidinone protected thiophenyl sialosyl donor to the synthesis of a sialosides, Tetrahedron Letters 2007, 48, 1225-1227

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