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The Black Studies Minor

Minor Requirements and Courses

The Black Studies Minor requires the completion of 18 semester hours in courses related to the study of African American people and ideas in multiple disciplines, including anthropology, art, history, literature, music, philosophy, political science, sociology, speech communication, and theater.


  • HIST 130 History of Black America is required,
  • and students are required to take at least one African American literature course.
  • The remaining 12 hours should be selected from the following areas from at least 3 different departments:

ANTH 311 People & Culture of the African Diaspora
ANTH 411 Urban Anthropology

Art and Design
ART 469a Primitive Art - Africa and Oceania

English Language and Literature
ENG 205 Introduction to African American Texts
ENG 340 Literature of the Third World
ENG 341 African American Women's Writing
ENG 342 Movements in African American Lit
ENG 343 Topics in African -American Rhetoric
ENG 345 African American Poetry and Folklore
ENG 446 Studies in African American Literature

GEOG 332 Geography of Africa

Historical Studies
HIST 130 History of Black America
HIST 340 Black Freedom Movement
HIST 352a History of Africa
HIST 352b History of Africa
HIST 442 The Black Urban Experience

MUS 338 Jazz Forms and Styles

PHIL 347 Philosphy of Race

Political Science
POLS 344 Urban Politics
POLS 440 African American Politics

Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
SOC 304 Race and Ethic Relations
SOC 335 Urban Sociology SOC 444 Gender, Ethnicity, & Class

Speech Communication
SPE 210 Interracial Communication

Theater and Dance
THEA 312 Multicultural Theater in America

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