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Biological Sciences

New Graduate Courses

This page provides information about courses to be offered in upcoming semesters that are either new courses, not yet in the Graduate Catalog, or courses for which the topic changes each time it is taught.

New graduate courses are taught as sections of BIOL 590 or 490. Different sections of BIOL 490 or 590 are usually entirely different courses taught by different faculty.

Graduate seminars (BIOL 595 and BIOL 596) have a different topic each time they are taught.

Travel Study Courses

Biological Sciences offers several graduate courses as part of Travel Study experiences. These are usually offered in summer and only students participating in the Travel Study can take them. For more information on Travel Study in biology, please click here

Fall 2018

Topics in Organismal Biology: Plastics and Other Unnatural Polymers in Ecological Systems - 33472 - BIOL 596 - 002

Credit hours: 2.0
Schedule: TBA
Location: TBA
Instructor: Dr. Kurt Schulz

This is a graduate seminar course, open only to graduate students and can be counted as one of the two graduate seminar courses (BIOL595/596) required for the Master’s degree in Biological Sciences. The course involves the examination in depth of topics in organismal biology by means of seminars, discussions, readings, and papers.

The aesthetic effects of plastic litter and waste have been despised for years.  Emerging scientific information shows that plastic products have become serious threats to natural systems.  From the weird communities inhabiting floating plastic trash islands, to microspheres as concentrators of pollutants, we will examine the impacts, benefits, and future of these modern materials. 

For more information about this course, please contact Dr. Schulz.

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