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Minor in Art History

Total Degree Requirement: 18 credits

ART 225a & 225b History of Art Survey (6 credits)

4 courses from the following (12 credits):

ART 424a,b Baroque and Rococo Art
ART 447a,b Ancient Art
ART 448a,b Early Christian and Medieval Art
ART 449a,b Renaissance Art
ART 468a,b Primitive Art - The Americas
ART 469a,b Primitive Art - Africa and Oceania
ART 470 Topics in Art History (varies)
ART 473a,b Women in Art
ART 475 History of Photography
ART 476 History of Modern Architecture & Design
ART 480 American Art
ART 481a,b Modern and Contemporary Art
ART 483 Research in Art History

(Programs, requirements and courses are subject to change).