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Annual Undergraduate Exhibition

Exhibition Runs spring 2015

Work Due February 2-3, 2015

Juror in February 4 (All Day)

Reception: Tuesday February 10, 2015     (5:00-7:00PM)

Closes February 20  (Work Pick up Feb 20-22)

The Annual Undergraduate Exhibition is scheduled to open in the ADW Gallery in February. The exhibition is open to all undergraduate art students who have been enrolled in SIUE art classes during the past year.


Each eligible student may enter a maximum of five (5) works. These works may be from any of the studio areas of: painting, printmaking, drawing, metalsmithing, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textile arts, photography, design, graphic design or art education studio. As many as 3 works may be submitted from one area, but the total number of works submitted by one student may not exceed five (5). All works should be properly prepared for exhibition. All work must have been completed while attending SIUE.

2-D pieces or pieces intended for wall hanging must be framed (plexiglass should be used instead of glass, glazed if appropriate) and equipped with screw eyes and braided picture wire. Free-standing sculpture must be capable of standing in an upright position firmly. Glass and ceramic objects must be capable of being presented on a level surface. Special exhibiting needs should be noted on the entry forms. If accepted, special needs should also be communicated to the Exhibition Coordinator.

Entry forms are submitted online.

LINK to online FORM

You must take your art works to the designated areas, Monday, February 2, 2015 after the standard teaching day at 5PM.   If you have questions about display or hanging of your work, seek out advice from your professor or from a member of the gallery committee BEFOPRE you bring the work to be displayed.
All works must be labeled with your name and the title of the artwork.
Works not accepted in the exhibition may be picked up after 5:00pm Wednesday February 4 once the jurying is complete.


Exhibition spaces reserved for Undergraduate display:

Critique room second floor A&D


 Conference Room 2nd floor A&D East

2-D design Room 2nd floor at the bridge between East and West

All of the pin boards in the East and West Buildings. (when using pin up boards do not use nails)

Copy of form can be pinned below or next to displayed work

Each artist is responsible for the removal of their work.

Students will not be allowed in the enclosed jurying spaces once the juror has begun the selection process at 10:00 AM. Works not accepted in the exhibition may be picked up after 5:00 p.m. on the 31th.


Students should move their accepted works to the New Art & Design West Gallery on Wednesday February 4 once the jurying is complete. Delivery should be from 3:00-6:00 p.m. (Pieces not delivered to the gallery by 6:00 p.m. will not be shown in this exhibit.)

The Exhibition Committee is responsible for installing the show. Any special
installation arrangements will be made between the artist and the Exhibitions 
Committee prior to its 6:00 deadline. It is the responsibility of each student to provide needed equipment, props, etc. to install the work in the Gallery prior to the opening on February 10 and/or scheduled performances with the Exhibitions Committee upon notification of the work having been accepted.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, accepted works must be picked up at the
Gallery 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm on Friday, February 20th or Saturday February 21st by the student (or representative). Insurance on work expires at 12:00 noon, the day after the end of the exhibition.  It is mandatory to have the work picked up from the gallery.

All other works must be picked up in the designated studio judging areas by 9:00 pm on Wednesday, February 4th. Each student is responsible for picking up his/her unaccepted entry or entries.

The accepted entries shall be insured for the duration of the exhibition. Please indicate an insurance value whether the work is for sale or not (NFS “not for sale”) (Work for Sale requires a Purchase Agreement contract)


There are approximately $900 awarded to students through this event.

The award recipients will be announced at the reception. 

Entries will be handled with reasonable care, but the Department of Art &
Design, nor the College of Arts and Science, will not assume any responsibility for damage or deterioration before or after the close of the exhibition or during the jurying period. Entrance in the Annual Undergraduate Student Art Exhibition is assumed acceptance of the above conditions.

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