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Alicia Pigg

Every landscape has a past. Cities and towns are built upon their history, and changing ways of life are consumed into the landscape. As an ever-changing element in our lives that is continually altered buy human intervention, the landscape holds physical remnants and historical facts that are the product of many years of development. Through the passage of time, marks appear as layers on the land. These layers are indicators of the surrounding cultures interaction with the landscape that allow me to explore conversations between the past and present. Landscapes evoke memories from every stage of my life. Visual, physical, and emotional relationships with the landscape are influenced by the progression of time. Layers are built and viewed as interacting systems that continually experience cyclic processes of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. The overlapping layers of time and change in the landscape can be compared to layers of memory. As time progresses, some aspects of landscape and memory are obscured, while others are revealed. The landscape tells stories. As I explore areas of land where I currently live, its stories are revealed. By photographing remnants along a trail that was transformed from an industrial to a recreational area, it becomes apparent that closer inspection of landscape yields a broader range of information about relationships between time, change, and memory. The interconnection of these and other systems of culture create a link between the past and present, and between humans and the land they occupy. Issues of change in the landscape are presented by translating photographs into a textile format. A large-scale installation format allows the physical presence of the fabric layers to be experienced while visual information changes as the viewer moves through the layers of images. The fabric is translucent which enables simultaneous viewing of images from the past and present that appear as fragile, transitory substances. At the same time that this work portrays elements of landscape, the conversations developed through it are a reflection on personal association and memory.

Alicia Pigg - Isolation Obscured

Isolation Obscured, 2004
Felted wool, kozo, hand-stitching
20" x 32"

Alicia Pigg - Initial Layers

Initial Layers, 2005
Inkjet printed black & white photographs on crinkled silk chiffon fabric
Each panel measures approximately 35" x 70"

Alicia Pigg - Remnants Interaction

Remnants: Interaction, 2005
Inkjet printed black & white photographs on crinkled silk chiffon fabric
Each panel measures approximately 35" x 70"

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