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Christine Holtz

In my work, I engage in each production to provide my viewers with a blurred line between reality and my sculptural representation through whatever media necessary. My work is composed of products of society; collected in collaboration with the community in order to give my materials significance through origin. The mass media relies on public participation and vice versa, therefore, I rely on public participation for my work to be derived and participated in. I am using the repetitiveness of craft processes to simulate the repetitiveness of consumer habit and also contradict the impersonal, heteronymous quality of contemporary U.S. consumerism. In my work, I emphasize the absurdity of contemporary consumption and poke fun at my cultural existence physically and mentally in hopes of luring others to also participate in a self-referential critique.

Christine Holtz - Powdered Donut Wig

Powdered Donut Wig #2
C-print documentation of performance
Photo by: Elizabeth Parris
21" x 25"
Christine Holtz - Spare a Square...

Spare a Square for Uni-Brow Care
My eyebrow hairs, one square of toiletpaper
36" x 26"

Christine Holtz - Manhands

Hand knit from Wal-Mart bags, child's size 2 sweater
22" x 9" x 4.5"

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