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Kara Fedje

Weaving is a traditional hand form that can be woven with cycles such as birth, life, and death: Birth is the opportunity to live and create; life is the opportunity to grow and learn; and death is the opportunity to rest and become spiritual. For me, life worth living is not only watching, reading, and listening is actually the act of being. Decisions are based on individuals and their responses to roles and the habits we form. Accepting only parts of these constructed roles give me a true emotional feeling where I respond to the present moment. My thoughts react to my feelings, and actions occur that connect me to others.

Like an extremely woven web, we connect our thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am fascinated by the co-existence of traditional ideas and the post-modern changes of today regarding sexual orientation and gender. Sexual orientation and gender are social constructions that bind us to roles. In social constructions, there are both opportunities and limitations, but it is how we choose to accept the role that determines how we live.

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