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ART 112(a) Drawing I

Basic approaches to drawing, introducing variety of media and subject matter

ART 112(c) Drawing II

Further development and study of drawing techniques and media investigations, with additional emphasis on concepts and composition

Prerequisites: ART 112a

ART 202(e) Foundation Drawing

An intensive investigation into composition and figure/ground relationships, and pictorial space. Unity of the parts as they relate to the entire page is emphasized over the rendering of individual forms. The expressive use of formal strategies and the relationship of form and content are also explored.

Prerequisite: ART 112c and ART 112d.

ART 331(a) Advanced Drawing *
Figure in Context

(Fall semester)

This class will use the human figure as a vehicle for narrative expression. Resources will include the human model, self-portrait, historical models and oneĀ¹s imagination. Students will make compositions that place the figure into narrative situations. Figure studies and compositional drawings will be done in preparation for a series of large-scale works. Working in both wet and dry media, as well as basics of framing and presentation will be addressed.

Prerequisite: ART 202e.
6 hours encouraged for majors with emphasis in Drawing and Painting

ART 331(b) Advanced Drawing *
Serial Image Making Based on Forms From Observation

(Spring semester)

Students will be working from their own selections of forms and images, in a variety of scale and media. This class will include the exploration of implied movement; syntheses of multiple viewpoints; collage; and inventions based on historical models. Discussions of materials and techniques, as well as the professional presentation of drawings will also be covered.

Prerequisite: ART 202e.

ART 441 Research in Drawing

This class is a forum for the student to pursue an independent project, based on submitted proposals. Subject matter and media selections are determined by the student artist. The student is encouraged to develop a language of drawing specific to his or her needs. Large scale, and site-specific projects are also addressed.

Prerequisite: ART 331a or ART 331b.

ART 541 Graduate Drawing I

Intensive study with emphasis on concept development and symbolization.

May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours.
MFA candidates only.
Prerequisite: ART 441.

ART 542 Graduate Drawing II

Continued study with emphasis on various aspects of the medium.

May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours.
MFA candidates only.
Prerequisite: ART 541.

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