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Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art & Design

The B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree is a program in studio art for the very serious art student who wishes to make the professional practice of fine art his or her career.

Before a student can apply for the B.F.A. program, he/she must have been accepted by the University as a B.A. or B.S. candidate with a major in art and must have copies of official transcripts on file in the art department office.

A student may apply for admission to the B.F.A. degree program during the junior or senior year and typically after at least a year in residence. In order to be accepted into the program, or to remain in the program once accepted, a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 system) and 3.0 in studio work must be maintained on all work undertaken at SIUE. Students must take a minimum of two semesters in B.F.A. program before graduating.

Admission to the program is by portfolio review according to the procedures outlined below. All applicants for the B.F.A. degree program must submit a portfolio of work to be presented to a committee of the entire studio faculty. Applicants should specify the studio area in which they intend to specialize. Faculty member from the student's major area must agree to serve as the students' mentor. The faculty admissions committee will then recommend, in writing, acceptance or rejection to the B.F.A. program.

For more information, please review our B.F.A. application forms.

Total Degree Requirement:
134-138 credits

General Education (Option A or B):
42-44 credits

Requirements for Major in Fine Arts:
84 credits

Freshman Core (12 credits):

ART 112a Introduction to Drawing
ART 112b Visual Organization I
ART 112c Introduction to Figure Drawing
ART 112d Visual Organization II

Sophomore Foundation (18 credits):

Six courses from the following:

ART 202a Introduction to Sculpture
ART 202b Introduction to Printmaking
ART 202c Introduction to Ceramics
ART 202d Introduction to Painting
ART 202e Intermediate Drawing (required)
ART 202f Introduction to Textiles
ART 202g Introduction to Metalsmithing
ART 202h Introduction to Photography
ART 202i Introduction to Graphic Design

Art History (15 Credits):

ART 225a & 225b History of Art Survey (6 credits)

Three Art History electives from the following (9 credits):

ART 424a,b Baroque and Rococo Art
ART 447a,b Ancient Art
ART 448a,b Early Christian and Medieval Art
ART 449a,b Renaissance Art
ART 468a,b Primitive Art - The Americas
ART 469a,b Primitive Art - Africa and Oceania
ART 470 Topics in Art History (varies)
ART 473a,b Women in Art
ART 475 History of Photography
ART 476 History of Modern Architecture & Design
ART 480 American Art
ART 481a,b Modern and Contemporary Art
ART 483 Research in Art History

Major Concentration (15 credits):

Five courses from a single advanced studio area:
Ceramics/Glass, Drawing, Graphic Design, Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography/Digital Arts, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Textile Arts.

Distribution (9 credits):

Three additional advanced areas (outside major concentration):

Ceramics/Glass, Drawing, Graphic Design, Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography/Digital Arts, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Textile Arts.

Senior Requirements:

ART 441 Advanced Drawing (3 credits)
ART 405 Seminar (3 credits)
ART 499 Senior Thesis Exhibition (2-6 credits)
Two Art Related Electives (6 credits)

Senior Assignment:

The BFA thesis exhibition serves as the Senior Assignment.

(Programs, requirements and courses are subject to change).

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