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Bachelor of Arts - Art History

  • Total Degree Requirement: 
120 credits
  • General Education:
ca. 50 credits
  • Credit Requirements for Major in Art History: 
57 credits

Major Requirements 

ART 225a, 225b (6 credits)
History of Art Survey

13 courses from the following

  • (at least two must be non-Western topics,
  • two must be pre-1600 [pre-modern] topics,
  • two must be post-1600 [modern] topics: (39 credits)

ART 424 Baroque and Rococo

ART 447a,b Ancient Art 

ART 448 Early Christian and Medieval Art

ART 449 Italian Renaissance Art 

ART 451 Northern Renaissance Art

ART 467 Islamic Art and Architecture 

ART 468a,b Primitive Art - The Americas 

ART 469a,b Primitive Art - Africa and Oceania

ART 470 Topics in Art History

ART 471 Topics in Renaissance and Baroque Art

ART 472 Topics in Modern Art 

ART 473 Women in Art 

ART 474 Topics in Public Art

ART 475 History of Photography 

ART 476 History of Modern Architecture & Design 

ART 480 American Art 
ART 481 Modern Art

ART 482 Contemporary Art

ART 483 Research in Art History

Studio Art courses (6 credits)

Art 485 (3 credits) - Art History Methods & Research

Art 487 (3 credits) Senior Capstone in Art History

Art History Senior Assignment: 

Art 487: Senior Capstone in Art History serves as the Senior Assignment in art history. Under the close guidance of an art history faculty member, students in Art 487 will research a selected topic and produce a major research paper that represents the culmination of their work in the art history program. At the conclusion of the semester, students will present their papers at the Art History Symposium. The final requirement of this course is a comprehensive written exit exam, comprised of slide IDs and essay questions submitted by art history faculty members and tailored to the student’s course of study in art history.

(Programs, requirements and courses are subject to change).

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