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Anthropology Honors Awards

Previous Years' Awardees

The Anthropology Department awards majors who have demonstrated excellence at SIUE, and in particular in the Anthropology program. These awards focus on different types of achievements, and in some cases require nomination by a faculty member or submission of application materials. Awards are made in spring, and awardees are recognized at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Honors Day event. The awards are made possible by sponsorship from different individuals or organizations.

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The Bank of Edwardsville Award
Sponsor: Bank of Edwardsville
Recognizes high achievement in the program.

Outstanding Student in Anthropology Award
Sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Benjamin
Recognizes high achievement in the program.

Mary Warren Bagley Rekas Memorial Scholarship
Sponsor: Marion Nichols
Recognizes strong academic achievement of students with an active interest in local archaeology and Cahokia Mounds.

Robin Brown Memorial Life Experience Award
Sponsor: Ralph Reynolds and Dallas Browne
Awarded to assist in pursuing novel experiences such as travel, to a student demonstrating strong academic achievement.

Fred Voget  Award in History and Theory of Anthropology
Sponsor: Fred Voget and Ernest Shusky
Awarded for an excellent paper on a topic of anthropological history or theory.
Papers are solicited from nominated students in spring semester.

Fred Voget Outstanding Senior Project Award
Awarded for most successful senior project presentation.

Anthropology Community Engagement Award
Sponsor: Faculty of Anthropology Department
Recognizes students who are using anthropological knowledge and skills to workwith their communities, to contribute to individuals or society.
Applications are solicited in spring semester. See below for additional details.

Application for Community Engagement Award

Community engagement includes volunteer activities with informal or formal community groups and not-for-profits, at local, regional, state, national or even international levels. This could include private or public institutions or organizations (e.g., museums, public agencies, private charitable foundations). This could also include intensive involvement with a single organization or institution, or participation with many different groups. The community engagement activities can relate to any of the four fields (cultural, linguistic, archaeology, biological), and should be in keeping with anthropological ethics and our program goals, in particular understanding and appreciating human diversity.

To apply, submit a written statement describing your community engagement activities within the last calendar year. Your statement should include:

- The community group(s)/organization(s) and your position (e.g., Are you a volunteer? Is this related to an internship? Are you part of a group or working individually?)

- Information on your extent of involvement (hours of participation, types of activities, your contributions)

- How you view this community engagement activity as being related to your education in anthropology, or how you have been able to apply skills or knowledge in anthropology to your community activities

- Contact information for the community organization (e.g., name of contact person or direct supervisor, with email address or phone number; website address if applicable)

The statement should be typed as a Word document, NOT longer than 500 words (this does not include organization contact information). Applications will be solicted, along with information on deadlines, in spring semester.

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