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Anthropology Lab

The Anthropology Lab is a multipurpose laboratory+classroom that can seat up to 30 students.  The Anthropology Club meets regularly in the Anth Lab, and also is available for other student and faculty meetings. Students should talk to Dr. Julie Holt about scheduling time in the Lab and either to Dr. Rehg, Dr. Julie Holt or Dr.Vogel about using Lab equipment for their research. In addition, the Anthropology Lab offers students a secure space for working on archaeological collections borrowed from other institutions like the Illinois State Museum in Springfield .

Archaeology Resources

Thanks to several internal grants won since 2000, the SIUE Anthropology Lab is fully equipped for contemporary archeological research. The Anthropology Lab has basic equipment such as calipers, scales, digital cameras and computers. We also have more specialized equipment such as a GPS unit, total station, and Flote Tech flotation machine. All of this equipment is available for supervised student research.  The Anthropology Lab also houses a superb collection of fossil and artifact casts for teaching and a zooarchaeological comparative collection for both teaching and research.


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Biological Resources

The Anthropology Lab houses a superb collection of casts for teaching, including replicas of hominid skulls and postcranial elements, modern human skeletons, and nonhuman primates.

   arch arch

Part of the Department of Anthropology cast collection, including hominid skulls and nonhuman primate skulls, and modern human skeletons used for teaching in Anth 111 (Introduction to Anthropology), Anth 365 (Human Origins), and Anth 407 (Primatology). Casts include replicas of australopithecines, specimens of early  Homo, Neanderthals, and modern humans.



Casts of nonhuman primates. These casts are used in teaching Anth 111 (Introduction to Anthropology), Anth 365 (Human Origins), and Anth 407 (Primatology), to demonstrate key features of primates, and characteristics of different primate clades. Casts include skulls of a baboon, gorillas, chimpanzee, orangutan, ring-tailed lemur, howler monkey, macaque, and colobus monkey.

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